Since I started hosting games back in February 2014, I have had more than 11,000 players who have collectively bet over one million dollars and have lost a combined 82,000 pounds! The best metric, however, is the 69.5% win rate achieved over those games.

Players have on average lost 7.4 pounds per game and nearly 7 in 10 meet their goal. This is one of the highest win rates on DietBet and is due in part to the higher motivation that putting $100 on the line creates. We also work to keep a supportive and motivating atmosphere to the games as well.

Over the last 21 months, I have gotten to know a lot of my repeat players and some of their successes are truly inspiring. It is so fun to see players' weigh-in graphs going down and down and down! It is bittersweet when they meet their goal - they've accomplished an impressive feat, but that also means I won't be seeing them anymore!

I love playing and hosting games on this site and am so excited to continue in both. My own weight loss journey has had some stumbles along the way but seeing the successes of others and the positive environment of DietBet keeps me trying and on my way to my own goals.

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