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09/04/2016 3:21PM
Hi Aaron, I just wanted to say hi, and that I love what you're doing. Your success rate and sheer volume of people you have helped is inspiring.I noticed that in all 4 times I have joined a kickstarter, committing to losing 4% in just 4 weeks, I always looked for another 1 or 2 kickstarters that started at the exact same time, so that I could join them and use the same verified weigh-in that I took for the 1st one. This made it very easy to join more than 1, and it is only logical that if I am anyway betting on myself and losing the weight, I might as well make as much money as possible in the process. It is in this regard that I have just created a few kickstarters that will start the same day that yours do. In this way, anyone who joins yours, could double their money by joining mine too! And since they are on the same date, they will only have to weigh-in once.I am not in any way trying to compete with you. On the contrary, I would like you to mention to people in your dietbets that there is an easy new way for them to double their money. They can simply use the weigh-in they use for yours to join mine as well. And since they are confident they will lose 4% in the 4 weeks, they might as well get as much money as possible for doing so. I have had a long-term struggle with my weight, and have wanted to be a diet coach for many years now. Any help you can give me in becoming a successful diet coach is greatly appreciated.Thank you,Steve

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