What plan has given you success? I literally have tried it all (except actual weight loss surgery). I've done wraps, pills, shots, cleanses, liquid diets, no carb, jenny craig, weightwatchers and every fad diet you see on the internet. Military diet- tried it. 3 day diet- tried it. Raw diet- tried it. The expression been there and done that.... sums up me trying and failing for years to lose weight. Now don't get me wrong, I would experience short term success. I would lose 20-30 pounds and be over the moon. Then as soon as I would stop all of those listed above, I would gain all my weight back and then double it. Plus the fad diets I would try would make me SUPER GRUMPY, of course hungry and usually have ZERO energy. What works for me doesn't work for everyone. I completely understand that. Weightwatchers works for me because it doesn't restrict me from food groups. With my past eating disorders I can't have restriction. When I am restricted from say carbs for instance.. then I end up going and binging on carbs. I personally think thats why I had such awesome results with the weightwatchers simply filling plan. I could eat what I wanted without tracking or measuring as long as it was on the powerfoods list. Plu,s I still had weeklies to use for indulgences. When I hit goak I swapped over to smartpoints because it had just came out and I have really enjoyed it and had success with it as well. I think it's awesome when people have great results with different plans. I just know out of all the plans I have personally tried, weightwatchers is the only one I've had lasting results with. Those who follow along on my instagram know I am very strict with my food choices for the most part. However, the reason I have been so successful with weightwatchers is because in the back of my mind I always know I can have whatever I want as long as its within my points and weeklies. When I know there is something I really want, I plan for it. I will make sure to plan my meals around whatever indulgence I may be craving. Say for instance, I really enjoy eating a whole pint of Arcticzero ice cream. I know that I can do that and I like that freedom. I would love to hear what gives you weight loss success!!! I have found along my journey that people can be super critical of others on their journey. I'm just not that way. I am a supporter of EVERYONE getting healthy and seeing results with whatever method makes them happy. I have had several "negative nancys and debbie downers" along my own journey because they didn't think my method was "the best way to lose weight." My motto to those people is, to each their own. What works for me and gave me AMAZING RESULTS may not work for someone else at all. So let's all build each other up and support one another throughout this dietbet!!!! Tell me what your plan of choice is!!!!