Joined this Dietbet to kick off the New Year with a ton of enthusiasm. It started off well as I lost quickly, then some unplanned work craziness, with stress and long hours, hit. And I found myself eating my share of garbage. Just once.... twice... three times... uh oh! The past month has been yo-yoing up and down with the same couple of pounds. I didn't even bother weighing in for Round 2, it was so far off. And back on track now, but Round 3 is not a given. *sigh* it's hard.

BUT WAIT! Last year it seems I blew Rounds 2 and 3 as well. But yet I still came out ahead in the end. And I lost 50 lbs for the year. And I went from not being able to run the distance of 2 driveways to running in 5ks, and then 10ks.

Wow. I did a lot!! I need to keep all that in mind. 

Thank god for the history in this site, so that you can look at the graph, look back at your old weigh in photos, and see where you started from, even when you his a bum in the road.

Still have a way to go, but just need to keep working on it one day at a time.