This year was huge for me. I was at an all-time heaviest point and had pretty much resigned myself to being a hopeless case who will just keep expanding on the sofa. I thought I had past the point of no return. Then a new gym opened up 1 block from the office and they came recruiting over lunch time. One of my colleagues, also a heavy girl, expressed an interest in going, so we dove in together.

I went in all the way and hired a trainer to keep me accountable. Then I came across Diet Bet, so signed up for that. I met some of the Dietbet weigh ins. Missed others, usually by 0.5-1 lb (damn hormones!), but was on the right track. And in the end, I won - both in $ and health.

Then things took an unexpected turn when my father fell ill, and I was spending most nights at hospital. So I started running when I got home at 9 pm. I could not run to the corner at first. So did I Couch to 5k program, not thinking I'd every really run. Slowly but surely, I ran a bit further and walked a bit less... Then I stopped walking. I've done 2 5k races (I'm slow, but I'm getting out there) and am planning at 10k this year... and maybe then, a half marathon.

Christmas came early. My one year anniversary with the personal trainer and the same week, I hit 50lbs weight loss!! So super exciting! I never thought it was possible.

Gained some of that back over Christmas week... but now I know I can lose the cookie weight.

My 2015 goal is to try to take nutrition under better control, as I sabotage myself with dining out and succumbing to the drive-thru when my schedule is too erratic. Need to make much better food choices. I wonder how much I could have lost if I had that part of the equation under control?

So bring it on!