For my health and for my self esteem.

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Favorite Health Food: kale salad(olive oil/bal vin/ff feta/nut

Favorite Sinful Food: dark chocolate or crunchy salty stuff

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking and going to the gym

My Approach to Weight Loss: following the Weight Watchers philosophy

My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $526.95

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Leila S

01/22/2013 6:09PM
Hey Donna! I was wondering if you had any feedback on the WW Points Plus? I've done the Classic points before and it worked great, so I expected the same results in Points Plus. Unfortunately, I'm not getting the same results and it's really discouraging. I switched back to the Classic points. I'm hoping that will get me back on track.

Leila S

I forgot to answer your previous question about what I do in medicine... I'm a 4th year medical student.

Carla Cbanksfit CPT

09/11/2012 11:45PM
your almost there!!! keep up the great work!


Thank you...and you too!! loved your posts, you are very inspiring!

Samene R.

08/27/2012 9:27AM
That is great news Donna, keep up the good work! I hope to join in with you on those am workouts tomorrow morning.

juli g.

08/25/2012 8:23PM
you know I really am bad at tracking also. When I started this time around I was pretty faithful with it but now have slacked of quite a bit. I count them up in my head but then sometimes by the time I get home and all heck breaks lose if you know what I mean! But I am super hopeful that this week I will get my 10% which has taken just about 18 weeks which is quite pathetic now that I think about it. How long have you been on it?

juli g.

08/25/2012 1:58PM
Hey Donna. I am on Weight Watchers right now. I have been on it more times than I care to admit. But this time I am determined to get that darn lifetime key!


Hi Julie, I am in the same boat. It is a very good program, but admittedly I have not put the effort in that I need to...I halfway follow it and get halfway results. I want to really make it work. What is your biggest challenge? Mine is honest tracking.

Samene R.

08/24/2012 4:31PM
Congratulations Donna! We will do this!


YES! Samene, we will do this :)


YES! Samene, we will do this :)


04/27/2012 3:10AM
loved your post this morning- my feelings exactly. keep going girl!

Jeanne H.

04/03/2012 8:18PM
I totally agree!! I KNOW what to do....and I DO IT...but not consistently enough to be really successful at it!! I am trying hard to really kick it up a notch. I recently switched to Simpy Filling after alot of people in our Facebook group were very successful with it, I really like it alot!!! But again, I just have to do it ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!


04/03/2012 12:06PM
Good luck Donna! I still get my chocolate fix in with dark chocolate covered almonds. Mmmm!