Natalie T.

To become healthier, to be able to walk into a shop and have options, self confidence.

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Favorite Health Food: No idea yet haha

Favorite Sinful Food: Cheese fries.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Gym.

My Approach to Weight Loss: I need to find this out!

DietBet Winnings: $792.12

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Natalie T.

08/13/2022 12:35PM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
  • Fake away to kick the cravings on a Saturday night. The portion is much smaller than from the Chinese take away, plus cooked much healthier than in their fryers. Need this treat after not eating junk for 4 days (which is a miracle for me!)

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John C.

Absolutely. Diet or not, food is meant to be enjoyed, for all of human history, it's fuel, but also family, social anchors. We must enjoy our meals, low cal or not, and having meals that please us truly, is a key to staying on track and making it a lifestyle, not just diet.

Natalie T.

08/10/2022 4:04AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
What are your main methods of motivation?
I am already consuming junk like I’m not obese and on a DietBet

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Manuela B.

I meal prep! I have oatmeal made for my breakfasts, In a big bowl, I have salad for 1-2 days and I cooked a bunch of veggies, and chicken breasts. I also try to workout as soon as I wake up so I find no excuses later in the day.

Natalie T.

Thank you everyone :blush: I think I’m going to use my evening to prep some food for the next couple of days so as you say, it’s there and I can reach for that instead of eating badly. And I like the tip for working out first thing. I have a small gym in my apartment building so I shouldn’t have any excuse! Thanks again, this is just what I needed!


08/08/2022 10:21AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
After a rough weekend of ballpark food - let’s go Mets! I’m back on schedule. Got on the peloton this morning and looking forward to beach volleyball on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Good luck to all, be consistent when you can but still enjoy life!

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Natalie T.

Nice to see another Mets fan!! Good luck

Rebecca K.

08/08/2022 4:53AM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
I’m Rebecca I will be 46 on the 18th. I love DietBet bc it makes me stay focused but as soon as they end I fall off the wagon hard. I am going to try to stay consistent and stumpy in the beta. I won the last one a. Week ago and am afraid I gained back most of my weight, because we went camping with friends and limited food choices.
I intend to keep joining bets I til I reach goal. I will stick it out. No more excuses. Im doing it for my two boys (8 &6). Good luck all

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Natalie T.

You can do this Rebecca! I keep falling off the wagon HARDDDD! I haven’t done one of these for months and the last time I did do one I didn’t hold myself to it. With hard work and determination we can all achieve our goals. We can and we will do this! Good luck

Natalie T.

08/07/2022 8:24PM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
First DietBet in a very long time and it’s more than needed! Good luck everyone!

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Carrie S.

Good luck!
Natalie T. accepted the challenge.
08/07/2022 8:10PM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
The pot is now $9,205

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Kim G.

08/07/2022 3:16PM in Syd’s Summer DietBet Game!
100 lbs to lose, 1 lb at a time! Ready to do this!!

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Natalie T.

This is roughly what I also need to lose! We can do this Kim!


You can do it !!!!