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01/15/2021 3:23PM in Fighting for your Health with Syd 2021!
Hey I'm Kate from San antonio, Texas. I'm excited to start back on my healthy life. The past year has addrd 20+ lbs and I am ready to bet back down to where I feel good in my own skin and my clothes fit again. My number one goal is to get back down to a size 8. (currently a tight 12

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Kathy P

Hi everyone, so many babies here! Lots of people who either just had or are planning to have them. Congrats and good luck to you all!. I am Kathy from Michigan. I started diet bets last summer and was doing well, lost 25 pounds. In the fall, while being very active, I broke my leg and have been out of commission since. I gained some weight back, but not all, and am excited to finish the 50 pounds I initially set out to lose. Having not been active at all for months, I am hoping to increase my activity level and start running again by spring. Overall, just hoping to feel better and live better!

Jenn and Kandice

01/12/2021 11:51PM in $500 in BONUS CASH! JANUARY 13TH KICKSTARTER!
  • Welcome everyone, I'm so happy you're here! My name is Jenn, I'll be your host! Kandice is my sister and co-host.

    I like to do weekly challenges as part of our game, it helps to keep the game more interactive and motivating.(Optional of course)

    The first challenge is: The Water Challenge!

    Here is the challenge if you want to participate:
    Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day, Wednesday- Friday! (January 13th- January 15th)

    Starting on Friday there will be a post, at the top of the game feed, for you to comment under if you completed the challenge. The deadline to report in is Saturday 12:00 PM (noon) Pacific Time. The prize drawing will be held on Saturday shortly after that, for the $10 cash prize. Each week the prize amount goes up!

    And one suggestion, but not part of the challenge: Please introduce yourself and share your goals! Let us know where you are on your weight loss/fitness journey, and what your short/long term goals are! Just for fun let us know where you are from. I live in Utah.

    Let's get going!!!

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Emma S.

Hi from New Jersey! Ive started my weight loss journey many many times and Im only 22. This time I have finally had enough. My boyfriend and I would like to get married soon but I told him I did not want to until I lose weight. Sounds silly, if your in love, nothing else matters. But I have always been self conscious and would really like to look good in the pictures. I also want to better myself, and become healthier in general. He is on a weightloss journey with me, and its hard but it will be worth it. My dishidrotic eczema has been terrible and I know its because of eating bad all these years. Im really looking forward to challenging myself alongside everyone here. Good luck everyone!

Jenn and Kandice

Yes, it should have said Jan. 13- Jan. 15th. December was a typo. Sorry, it's all fixed!


11/13/2020 8:44PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • Hey everyone! Just a few more days left and I would love to see everyone post some transformation pictures! Here is my face to face Friday!

Shelby B. , cam p. and like this photo.

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Kathy P

Such a difference! Way to go, Jen!



Mike J.

11/11/2020 5:42PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • February to now 90 lbs down...

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David G.

Nice work Mike! What did you change?

Kathy P

Wow! You look great! 90 pounds is like a small person. Good for you!

David G.

11/11/2020 4:06PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • With a week left, I am as motivated as ever to maintain my healthy lifestyle! After a down October (injury/work) I am back over 21k steps per day, and I have biked 35 miles this month!

    Ready to finish this DietBet up and continue on my journey. I am down a few pant sizes and my shirts are now Large instead of XL.

    I hope you are all doing well and putting in the effort/work

Kathy P , Shelby B. and like this photo.

Kathy P

David, you have been so inspiring throughout this diet bet. Thank you so much and congrats on all that you've accomplished. I too had an injury (broke my leg) I've been down for 2 months, but will win anyway because I started out strong and met my goal before my injury. I've just maintained during my down time. I hope to see you in another diet bet in the future as I always look forward to your posts!


10/23/2020 2:34AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • Progress photos... I’ve also made the 10% goal and now I’m just seeing how much further I can push!

Joanna , ACT22 and like this photo.

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Rachel W.

Wow. Well done

Kathy P

wow! Look at you! great job!

Cara G.

10/21/2020 6:21PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • Made that 10% goal months ago, putting in that quarantwerk! (-60 ish lbs)

Susan S. , ACT22 and like this photo.


Wow! Great job!!

Kathy P

60 pounds, that's fantastic! great job!

Molly G.

10/01/2020 6:24PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • This is... weirdly emotional... I did this diet bet with month to month payments because I was SURE I would fail and drop out. But here I am, surpassing my goal. Thanks to all for help in the motivation department 😊🙌

Shelby B. , Melinda P. and like this photo.


Keep surprising yourself! Great job!

Kathy P

Way to go!


09/30/2020 7:52PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • October has finally arrived! What are your goals for this month? I plan to stay active, lose 4 lbs, and stay consistent! Btw, I finished my jump rope challenge!!

Shelby B. , Melinda P. and like this photo.

Kathy P

congrats on finishing your jump rope challenge!

Jose B

09/15/2020 9:03AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
TIP OF THE DAY: The FEAR of success- So many of us want to be successful at any endeavor we take on. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen that way or else everyone would be satisfied with their results. When it comes to weight loss and fitness, it's really no different. Why would you fear being at the weight you want and the fitness level you desire? Well quite frankly, it takes a lot of effort to not only get there BUT STAY THERE. Maintenance is much more challenging for others than the actual attempt of getting there in the first place. So for those that yo-yo up in down in weight, the achievement of getting there is joyous, but staying there takes a lot of mental toughness because it's SO EASY to fall back into bad habits. I've had clients ask me "so once I get to goal weight, will I have to keep exercising and keep my eating in check?" And the answer is yes if you intend to stay there. See, this is why so many may sabotage their own journeys to weight loss. It's easier to just stay away from success than to actually achieve it and keep it. Once you get to the top, unless you have another specific goal in mind to exceed, staying on top still take effort if not more. And some people believe that if it's this hard now and harder to maintain, then they'd rather keep on trying rather than succeed. Lots of sacrifices made, lots of effort physically and mentally and you also deal with disappointment along the way. That's why many fear success. Overcoming that fear will make your journey much easier once you decide that success is what you want definitely. Never be afraid. Fear paralyzes people from reaching their true potential.

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Jose B

Sorry about your leg. Yes you can do upper body work for exercise and should. The issue is is that the legs being the largest muscles of the body, burns more than others. So your approach must be 2 fold. A tighter diet plan and a workout that uses a lot of back work. Any type of rows, whether with weights or machine would be great. I've had clients with liwer body injuries and we focused on all rowing type movements.

Kathy P

Thank you, you're the best! I am working on being taken out of all my current games (I can't stand on the scale for weigh ins right now), so I will find you when I have healed and you start your own games. Thanks for all the motivation these past few months.
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