Debbie S

I lost 27 lbs 2 years ago with dietbet. I gained back 5 lbs, but was happy with my weight and managed to maintain until we went to Denmark from December until May. With the dietary changes, I gained another 17 lbs - time to get it off

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Salmon

Favorite Sinful Food: Beer

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walk, run, hike, back-country ski

My Approach to Weight Loss: Exercise more, drink less beer

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Gluten Free Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: fitbit

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $860.47

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11/30/2014 5:02PM
Dear dietbet friend- You have been selected because you have inspired/ encouraged/ liked a post/ or in some way helped me and I thank you for that! Now I hope we can help each other-- I am starting a dietbet called Forget the Fudge ( ), and people are needed!! My friends outside dietbet are, for a multitude of reasons/excuses, not joining, so I am appealing to you, my DB ppl who have helped me get down about 60#. I still have about 15# to go. Can you help and finish off 2014 better than you started?


10/28/2014 6:55PM
Your chart is WOW- you started about where I am now! It's too bad I couldn't give you my distaste for beer (LOL). It's barely OK to me! Wine is what I like, but I don't go crazy for it- not like peanut butter, chocolate, and some other yummies!

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Debbie S

Thanks - you can have my distaste for desserts - I'm gluten-intolerant and have never eaten pies, cakes and most candies because they make me sick. But unfortunately, beer is low enough in gluten that I just retain water and feel sluggish - only drink ales and stouts, though.

Wine's not so bad either, but we can't get that at the brew-pub.


10/11/2014 2:53AM
impressed with your results! What's your program?

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07/24/2014 6:22AM
oh awesome, looks like we have almost identical starting weights and personal goals!! Since you have the Garmin I'm guessing you're a runner? I finished C25K last Friday only to end up with a sore left shin suddenly so now I'm afraid to push myself for longer than 10-15 mins. Keep up the amazing work, we got this!!

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04/30/2014 3:31PM
You've done a great job this round congrats I have not been very successful

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Debbie S

Thanks - it's a struggle. Don't give up...tomorrow is another day and you have over 5 months left