To feel better, To look better,& To live a longer life.

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Favorite Health Food: baked eggplant

Favorite Sinful Food: pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: eliptical,treadmill

My Approach to Weight Loss: do the absolute best I can, &be sensible

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

DietBet Winnings: $553.70

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11/30/2014 3:18PM
Dear dietbet friend- You have been selected because you have inspired/ encouraged/ liked a post/ or in some way helped me and I thank you for that! Now I hope we can help each other-- I am starting a dietbet called Forget the Fudge ( ), and people are needed!! My friends outside dietbet are, for a multitude of reasons/excuses, not joining, so I am appealing to you, my DB ppl who have helped me get down about 60#. I still have about 15# to go. Can you help and finish off 2014 better than you started?

J S.

02/19/2014 4:49AM
Maryanne, look at you go! You're making great progress!

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Thank You!! Working hard here! lol I see You are sooo close to your goal,.....I can't even begin to imagine what that feels like.


02/09/2014 7:58PM
looking forward to your dietbet Maryanne!

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We are going to do Great!!!! :)


02/06/2014 3:26PM
Maryanne, welcome to "It's No Sin 2 Be Thin - Feb." It's going to be another great game. Congrats on your 21.8 lb. weight loss. We always attract really motivated, perky people. Best of luck with your weight loss journey!


Thank you Gailsy.

Marcin Z.

02/05/2014 8:35AM
maryanne, I decided to join another game that started today. This way I get to use the same weigh-in, and there are quite few players in that game. Take care, and thanks for organizing the first game I have successfully finished. :)

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:( awww bummer. Marcin ,I appreciate you letting me know.Thank You and Kick ass on your journey!!


01/26/2014 2:55PM
The run is on May 24th, its called The kaleidoscope tour...I think. lol When is yours?

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Cheryl M

01/26/2014 1:07PM
Which color run are you thinking of doing? I am hoping to do one this year also!


It took me a while to realize that I didn't put my reply in the right spot..... It is May 24th . when is yours???


12/09/2013 3:31AM
If your Jan 5th $100 bet started on a Monday instead of Sunday, I would join :(

Deborah M.

11/06/2013 6:18PM
Congrats on being the most liked player. And good luck with the 6-month bet!!


Thank you ! I 'm thinking it was only cause I posted the most though. Love being able to interact with others going through my life -long struggle. Its very inspirational for me .Good Luck to you as well. You 're kicking @ss! Kudos!


11/06/2013 1:24PM
You've done several Diet Bet's, do you find it more motivating with there being the incentive of winning some cash?


Most definatly !!! more than winning money ...,I don't want others taking... my money!!! lol my second bet ...lost for a few valid reasons. mother in hospital and horrible foot problem.. absolutely nothing will derail me again!!! :)