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Favorite Health Food: salad, lean meats, burrito bowls

Favorite Sinful Food: pizza, fries, chips

My Preferred Method of Exercise: strength training, walking, HIIT

My Approach to Weight Loss: Use fitness pal to follow macros

My Weight Loss Program: 21 Day Fix Ultimate Portion

My Diet Plan: Ultimate Fix

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Map My Fitness, MyFitnessPal, Beachbody nutrition

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $356.18

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08/06/2019 8:25AM in Molly's Tummy Tuck Prep
I’m losing .1 lbs each day but currently PMS’ing and bloated so hopefully that is the reason lol! 😩
How’s everyone else doing with weight loss?

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lali b.

It’s hard to measure weight loss during period week :persevere: I just keep at it and hope it pays off when I’m done. No point weighing myself when I’m bloated, I just get mad lol


08/01/2019 7:26PM in Molly's Tummy Tuck Prep
  • Let’s talk game plans!
    I typically do everything online using apps and while that’s worked in the past I want to put something in writing this time so it is always visible and I can easily look back.
    I got this cute binder and loved the quote on the cover.
    I then added short term and long term goals and my current stats with lbs and inches.
    Then I planned out my workouts for the entire month. (I’m doing an 8 week program plus some HIIT) and will X off the days as I complete them.
    Then I also add notes and quotes that motivate me !
    So excited!
    Good luck all! 💪????

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Katie W.

I love how you wrote out your workout plan!

Merisa G.

I like this idea. I'm very much a planner and love having checklists and things!


08/01/2019 1:23PM in Molly's Tummy Tuck Prep
  • I’ve gone up my killer arsehole of a hill every day this week, feeling proud even if my dogs judge me for being so slow! 😂 How you all going with moving more?

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Merisa G.

Where do you live :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It is beautiful! I’m really lucky to have this right where I live, which is in New Zealand.

Lila O.

07/31/2019 9:33AM in Molly's Tummy Tuck Prep
Anyone else struggling with cravings today?? Mine are post vacation & diet break. We CAN do this!!

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Yes! Always so hard to get back on track when being lenient ! But we can do it!

Jess B.

If I’m desperate for something sweet I’ll have a couple of dates with peanut butter. Still a bit sugary, but all natural and it helps kill the craving!


07/31/2019 9:19AM in Molly's Tummy Tuck Prep
Went home to visit family and friends in the east coast and everyone commented on how 'good' I look now that I'm down 20lbs. Is it weird that I don't feel it as much as they say? I know we are our own worst critics. My goal is to lose another 30 lbs. I'm short and only 5'3 so I hold a lot of weight and just want to lean out a lot more. I did enjoy 'fun' food while I was home and gained a few lbs but still under my last Dietbet starting weight so I'm staying motivated!
Good luck everyone!

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mols inspire

You got this babe! You always kill the dietbets!


We got this Lila! And thanks Mols!

Jade L.

07/31/2019 1:13AM in Molly's Tummy Tuck Prep
First Diet Bet for me... hello from South Africa! :)

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Jennifer F.

Same good luck!!!:muscle:


Hello! Good luck!

sharon c.

07/31/2019 1:05AM in Molly's Tummy Tuck Prep
  • Day 1: lots of activity & eating on track

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Way to go!

Alena V.

I have noticed that getting in a lot of steps always does the trick to loose weight no matter how or what I ate. Good reminder for me to take more steps


07/31/2019 12:24AM in Molly's Tummy Tuck Prep
I really debated on whether or not to join this game. I decided to just do it but this will definitely be my last go around

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Congrats Shawn and welcome back!

mols inspire

Wow babe you’ve absolutely killed these dietbets!

Jagni J.

07/30/2019 9:19PM in Molly's Tummy Tuck Prep
This is my second DietBet! I have a feeling this one is going to be more difficult. Any pounds lost is going to be a win!

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Great way to think of it!

Christina M.

07/30/2019 8:27PM in Molly's Tummy Tuck Prep
Haven't been on DietBet in years! Still pretty proud of to see I had lost about 30 lbs total and managed to keep 20 of it off. Glad the stats stay on the account even after long absences. Still a long way to go though. Good luck all!

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Yes! Keep going!
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