Matt S.

Woke up one day and realized I was shaping into dad-bod.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Avocado

Favorite Sinful Food: Bacon!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cross Training

My Approach to Weight Loss: Load up on beans and greens. Cut the junk and minimize meat.

My Diet Plan: Flexitarian + Intermittent Fasting

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Zero

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $1,566.42

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Jenn and Kandice

04/29/2021 9:52PM in $200+ IN BONUS PRIZES! APRIL KICKSTARTER!
  • If you complete the Final Challenge, please click on comment on this post and report in there.

    *Okay guys, Friday is the last day of our final challenge! Please click on the comment button below this post to report in. You have until Saturday at 12:00 PM PST to report. We will have our drawing shortly after that for the $40 Amazon gift card!

    Challenge reminder:
    1. Water- Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day 5 days this week.
    2. Nutrition- 5 servings a day from the fruit/vegetable group.
    3. Fitness- get at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days this week.
    *And not mandatory but recommended, please post at least once this week to update us on your progress/struggles, or offer support to another player.

    *What a great week for so many of you! Amazing things are happening!!! Keep going after it! Recognize your progress and celebrate every win!

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Deb G.

Finish the challenge with a healthy meal, 30 minute workout and water intake to stay hydrated in the San Diego heat!

Jenn and Kandice

Wow! Great job! :)

Matt S.

04/09/2021 4:01AM in $200+ IN BONUS PRIZES! APRIL KICKSTARTER!
  • Digging into this beauty again today. Best practical book on habit formation out there. Hoping to (deliberately) develop some new healthy habits.

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Hannah B.

I just downloaded the audiobook. I could definitely use some guidance when it comes to habit forming and breaking! Glad you posted this :)

Jenn and Kandice

So awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

Matt S.

03/19/2021 2:21PM in The Adventure Transformer - Win Camping Gear!
  • We all need an Adrian.

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Beverley B.

I def need Adrian :joy:


03/17/2021 12:35PM in The Adventure Transformer - Win Camping Gear!
  • OMG I was SO bad for the last 10 days- eating a lot of bad stuff, not working out (because I injured my knee), and drinking lots of wine. I went on the scale today thinking I'd be way OVER my goal, but I'm actually UNDER my goal weight for this round!! I've been consistently working out for over 6 months now so it's really paid off to not worry about taking a week off!

    Goes to show- it's really good to build a base and as long as you do that and then get back on track that your body will keep it up for you even if you need a mini break. Yay!

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Matt S.

Awesome. Goes to show the power of consistent hard work in the kitchen and in your workouts.

Beverley B.

Congrats I am seriously wishing I got serious about this from the beginning now as my first two months were consistently bad :joy: and now it’s pay back time
Matt S. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 0.2 pounds
03/15/2021 6:05AM in The Adventure Transformer - Win Camping Gear!

Total weight lost is now 3,150 pounds! Average is 8.5 pounds.

Beverley B.

03/11/2021 12:24AM in The Adventure Transformer - Win Camping Gear!
9 days to go and 4.85 lbs gulp - not impossible be geez nothing like a last minute sprint to the finish line !

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Matt S.

Nothing like a swift deadline to light a fire under your butt. Good luck! Remember, it's only 8+ days.

Beverley B.

I was just thinking I never learn even in school I would be lazy until the week before exams and then it was last minute cramming

Matt S.

03/07/2021 11:37AM in The Adventure Transformer - Win Camping Gear!
Less than 2 weeks until this end of this Transformer. Let's all dig deep, eat ultra-clean, work our butts off, and finish with our heads held high. Great job on this game, everone. One last push -- you got this!

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Jenny A.

You seem to have done very well in this game. Congratulations! I couldn't keep up but I have a new game and ah the motivation in the beginning. :smile: So i will end on top of my game but not at my goal weight.

Matt S.

02/19/2021 4:07PM in The Adventure Transformer - Win Camping Gear!
Round 5 has been kicking my butt. Not sure I can pull it off. Who's going to win this round?

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Beverley B.

Im still recovering from a terrible start to the Game the first round I gained, the second I started losing but was still slightly above my starting point, the third finally I moved below the starting point 4th is how I should should have started and the 5th I had 16 lbs to go so really it would have been a miracle if I made it !

Kelsey W.

I'm only 1 lb away too!!

Matt S.

02/11/2021 11:54AM in The Adventure Transformer - Win Camping Gear!
  • Let's dig deep, people. The end of this round is in sight.

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Jenny A.

Thanks Matt! :smiley:

Jenny A.

02/09/2021 12:53AM in The Adventure Transformer - Win Camping Gear!
1) I loose control.
2) I let go of control.
3) I avoid the tug of war.
4) I get motivated.
5) I gain some control back.
6) I get even more motivated.
7) I get ambitious.
8) I aim to control even more.
9) back to nr 1.

Control seems to be a blessing. Not something I can deside to have.

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Jenny A.

It is an art form. :joy:

Matt S.

Locus of control is funny. We have an insane amount of control over our lives, and yet sometimes life just "hapens" and we have no control whatsoever. I think it's key that we take charge of our life and run with it, and be mentally prepared to lose control again sometime in the future.
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