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Favorite Health Food: Butter (of the grass-fed cow variety)

Favorite Sinful Food: Bread

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running

My Approach to Weight Loss: Primal/Paleo

My Diet Plan: Paleo Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $189.03

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Carla Cbanksfit CPT

09/08/2012 6:07PM
How are you doing???? Hows the eating and working out coming?

Jonathan H.

08/25/2012 12:01AM
Nice work :) see you at the end. I reckon we go to the pub and drink our winnings!

Jonathan H.

08/21/2012 5:12AM
Hizees!!!! :)


07/31/2012 5:53AM
My juice cleanse diet turned out better than expected. I bought and read the book by the makers of Blueprint cleanse. It resulted in having 6 smoothies over the day. Each smoothie is 2 cups/0.5 L so it's quite a bit to take in so I felt full pretty much the whole day and didn't feel I was deprived of anything. Stepping on the scale this morning, my weight dropped a pound from the day before.


Awesome, well done! :)

Sarah W.

07/21/2012 8:44AM
Well done Stacey fantastic result !


Thanks Sarah, hope you're enjoying your holiday. :)

Dawn F.

07/15/2012 1:13AM
The running would be better if it would ever stop raining here in England! I remember when I first started running I was so self conscience of people watching me. Then I thought you know, they probably are just jealous they aren't out here getting fit too. Then realized how lucky I was to be able to be out running at all and from then on I didn't worry about it. I was really scared to do my first race which was a cancer research run. Until I got there and was surprised to see all the people who were going through chemo running. I thought well hell, if they can do this surely I have no right to complain. Thinking things like that help me when I just can't put one more foot in front of the other.

Sarah W.

07/14/2012 11:32PM
Yes I agree it's a good read although I have listened to Robb Wolf podcast and follow the no dairy - except grass fed butter- and low fructose approach which can be a bit tougher but has an amazing efffect on my weight and well being/ the fat thing I love and as a biology nerd totally get ! Good luck keep going !

Sarah W.

07/14/2012 1:05AM
HI Stacey, impressed by the running how is the Paleo going, I am sticking to fish or meet and greens and finding it okay - a couple of awful days with carb flu eeww, but more energy now - I would love us Paleo'ers to come out near the top because it really is a fantastic healthy way to live. Which books have you read? -Good luck at the weigh in!


Howdy, I've read a few of the paleo books, but like the Primal Blueprint best I think. How 'bout you? What I find really weird/cool about the primal approach to paleo is that healthy fat (even animal fat) does not necessarily equal evil. I still expect someone to jump out of the fridge and growl me when I don't trim all the fat off the meat - it feels naughty! Managed to do the first week of the couch to 10k running programme, felt like I was going to die but I still got a buzz about running. Could be the novelty factor - I found myself thinking "hey I'm running... WTF!" :)

Dawn F.

07/11/2012 2:39AM
LOL! I always think the same thing!!! How can it possibly be up-hill both ways!?!?!?!?

Dawn F.

07/08/2012 5:02AM
Good luck! My hint with running is that if you can manage it, splurge on some piece of new kit. Shoes, clothes, running watch etc... it helped me to get excited about something when I just couldn't face another day of slogging down the road. And I felt like a 'real' runner when I started buying running magazines.
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