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My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: myfitnesspal.com

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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Callista C.

10/14/2019 5:54AM in FALLing Into Healthy Habits
  • Good Morning Good Morning Ladies,

    By Week 4, I know a lot of people get discouraged and quit because you feel as if you won’t make your goals. So today I want to encourage those of you who have mentally checked out of the game to keep fighting and keep trying because ITS NOT OVER YET. We have 8 full days left and I need everyone to remember why they started and push harder than ever. I am actually traveling back home now but I am headed straight to the grocery store to get food for the week. Those of you who played with me last game know I didn’t win. This is my 8th Dietbet game... and so far I have lost 2 and won 5 and I refuse to lose this one without a fight.

    So if you are fighting with me, put a “💪” in the comments and let me know I’m not in this alone. Let’s GRIND Ladies! Be sure to check out the GRIND challenge post and join us this week!

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Janae Y.


Callista C.

Let’s get it Ladies!!! :muscle:

Kate R.

10/11/2019 5:10PM in FALLing Into Healthy Habits
  • Tracking challenge Day 4. I forgot to post this yesterday!

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Callista C.

Great job Kate!!

Kate R.

10/11/2019 5:09PM in FALLing Into Healthy Habits
  • Tracking challenge Day 5.

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Callista C.

Way to finish string Kate!! :muscle:

Kate R.

10/11/2019 7:15AM in FALLing Into Healthy Habits
Callista will you be doing another game after this one and if so when does it start?

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Callista C.

Hey Kate!! Yes ima do one before Thanksgiving! On Oct 28th... but it will be over before Thanksgiving comes.. I will set everything up on Sunday/Mon

Callista C.

10/11/2019 6:54AM in FALLing Into Healthy Habits
  • Good Friday Morning Ladies,

    My goal is to share my favorite recipe with you each week. Didn’t get a chance to share yesterday as intended! My favorite new recipe from week is the “Hummus-Crusted Baked Chicken with Turmeric Rice and Tomatoes w/ a side of sautéed Spinach.” This was such a delicious dish that I normally ate it for breakfast instead! Lol I couldn’t wait until lunch lol So give it a try, you just might enjoy it as much as I did!

    Ingredients for 2 servings:

    8 ozs Chicken Thighs (skinless, boneless)
    2 tbsps Hummus
    1/2 cup Jasmine Rice (dry, uncooked)
    1/2 tsp Turmeric
    1/2 Tomato (large, diced)
    2 cups Baby Spinach

    1. Preheat oven to 375ºF (191ºC) and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

    2. Place chicken thighs on the baking sheet and coat with hummus. Bake for 30 minutes or until cooked through.
    **I seasoned chicken with onion and garlic powder and used red pepper hummus**

    3. Meanwhile, make the rice according to the directions on the package, adding in the turmeric and chopped tomato while cooking.

    4. Sautéed and Season Spinach (if desired).

    5. Divide the chicken, rice and spinach onto plates or into meal prep containers. Enjoy!

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Kate R.

This looks so good! Thanks for sharing.

Kate R.

10/09/2019 7:22PM in FALLing Into Healthy Habits
  • Track Challenge Day 3:
    My daughter has been home sick since LAST TUESDAY! Yes, you read that right.The last day she was in school was Tuesday. She got sick Tuesday after school. It has been a horrible virus, with first a neck and eye ache and fever, then high fevers and vomiting for about 4 days, then she got a sore throat, then she woke up shortly after going to sleep one night and said it felt like mosquitoes were biting her arms and it turned out both her arms were broke out in hives. We gave her benadryl and that cleared up at least. 2 strep tests, a flu test, mono test and UA to test for a uti were all negative. Bloodwork just pointed to some kind of viral infection. Then about 3 days ago sores started appearing in her mouth and lips, then on one finger, and one on her foot. The dreaded Hand foot and mouth disease. I had it once for only 2 days and it was horrible. My daughter has barely eaten between the vomiting and then the inflamed raw mourh and lips. She can barely open her mouth to even talk 😢Anyway, needless to say i have not been on a walk or to the gym since early last week. I miss it.

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Sheri K.

So sorry Kate, hang in there. Glad she has you to take excellent care of her. Prayers for both of you for healing and recovery.

Kate R.

Thank you guys!!

Callista C.

10/09/2019 7:24AM in FALLing Into Healthy Habits
  • Morning Morning Ladies!

    Great job to everyone who is making the effort to make healthy eating choices. Even if you are going over your goals keep striving to eat healthier and healthier day after day! This is all apart of the weight loss journey. Keep trying to figure it out until you actually figure out what works for you. If you quit and stop trying you will never see the results you want nor figure out what works for you. So keep going! I commend everyone who is striving to stay on track! Great Job!

    Few things...

    1) make sure your step tracker is connected to your MyFitnessPal so you will get credit for the calories burned. That way the more calories you burn, the more food you can consume. And if you go over your calorie intake, you can always work some calories off with exercise. If you need the steps on how to connect your device, let me know in comments and I will try to explain them.

    2) @Amanda you mentioned your Fitbit was not syncing to your MyFitnessPal anymore. I had that same issue and this is how I fixed it.. First go to your FitBit app, sync and refresh that and let it update your total steps. Then go back to your MyFitnessPal app and refresh it. It should then have your correct steps from FitBit! I have to do this every morning for the previous day to get my correct number!

    So keep up the good work Ladies! You all are doing a GREAT Job! Wishing everyone a HEALTHY DAY! Let’s go harder today! 💪

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Ari L.

Kate I don't allow any extra from any exercise at all unless I go over on calories. It's easier for me than keeping up with all of the adding and subtracting.

Callista C.

I def understand.. I try to just eat my allotted 1200 calories but since I been working out so much and burning so many calories, I am more hungry it seems like.. but ima aim to stay under my goal as well...

Laurie L.

10/09/2019 2:14AM in $600+ in Prizes per Game $14,000 Grand Prize*
  • Weight gain can happen for so many reasons. Aside from unforeseen physical/health problems where medications cause weight gain, etc. (Prednisone was great for my asthma but not my waistline!) in general, I’ve learned, for most people, it’s not “I just like food”. The food fills a void of some type. It’s a safety blanket that when it becomes too big of a “comforting” blanket, it changes 180 degrees and starts to suffocate and kill us. That’s why working on mindset is so important, IMHO, to weight loss and overall health. Many times, there’s more “work” to be done than just at the gym or dinner table. Just a little tweaking of the thinking. Changing our relationship with food and setting new boundaries with our old friend. We don’t have to be mortal enemies. In fact, we shouldn’t be enemies because THAT sets up a whole new dynamic. We just need to re-evaluate and redefine our friendship. 😉

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Kate R.

Laurie L you would be a great Dietbet host!!


Yes girl! Well said

Kate R.

10/08/2019 4:16PM in FALLing Into Healthy Habits
  • Myfitnesspal Challenge Day 2: went a little over today but tomorrow will do better!

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Callista C.

Kate is your Fitbit connected to your MyFitnessPal bc it will show your burned calories...

Callista C.

I will try to list the steps if you need me too, so you can see your calories that are from exercising...

Callista C.

10/08/2019 3:40AM in FALLing Into Healthy Habits
  • Good Morning Ladies...first off GREAT JOB to everyone who started off strong on yesterday!

    Here is my Day 1! I fell sleep without logging in my dinner but did it this morning...(yes you can go back and enter everything even if the day has passed). Yesterday was a very active day for me, I completed 17,000+ steps (30 mins of hip hop abs, 25 mins of T25 and over 10,000 walking steps). That’s the highest i ever got! Lol Today I’m aiming for 20,000 steps. A personal record of mines.

    This is just a prime example of how exercising and a healthy diet goes hand in hand resulting in a calorie deficit which results in weight loss! So great job to everyone who met your food intake goals. If you haven’t started tracking your food intake, you should join us today! This is a GREAT way to lose weight and stay on track!

    LADIES...we have exactly 2 weeks left in the game and that is plenty of time for everyone to meet their weight loss goals if you get focused now on eating healthy and working out. Wishing everyone a HEALTHY Day!

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Callista C.

Thank you Kate!! I’m aiming to get like you! :-)

Callista C.

Oh no Lindsay! I hope it heals quickly and you are back to normal! But that great that you are staying on track, shows you have disciple! Way to keep going in spite of! :heart:
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