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Favorite Health Food: ผัดผักบุ้งไฟแดง

Favorite Sinful Food: Pupusas

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Hiking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Calorie counting and exercise

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Gluten Free Diet

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Nicole S.

09/18/2019 11:44AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
Anyone dairy free for weight loss purposes? I keep trying, but man do I like cheese. I even tried the “skinny Mac no cheese” and after loading it with S&P I still couldn’t finish it. Is the dairy making that much of a difference in weight loss?

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Nope! But I do measure it carefully and not just put a handful of cheese on top of food or eat a bunch of cheese and crackers.


I’ve reduced dairy a lot because I realized it was messing up my stomach. Sad because cheese is yummy! Lol! But, you definitely have to be careful because it’s super easy to eat a whole day’s worth of calories in just cheese alone. A serving size is actually quite small. But it’s oh so yummy!

Elysia V.

09/18/2019 7:52AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
Looking for opinions on a cleanse from the group. I really want to blast past this plateau and I don't think my body is going to do it without a fight. Suggestions or previous experience with this would be great! TIA!!

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I'm with Mezzie. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water and try varying your calories. A little high one day and a little low another. Plateaus happen and the key is not to get discouraged. I've been there, done that.

Elysia V.

Thanks everyone. I'm just getting frustrated bc now I've gone waaaaay up on the scale since starting the 21 day fix. I know I'm probably just being impatient but now I'm looking at this transformer as there is no way I can make the ending goal and it's very upsetting...

Melissa O.

09/18/2019 5:50AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
Stupid question, but does anyone find that drinking water actually helps with weight loss? I think I am hitting a plateau with my current calorie counts and wondering if that might help. I have never been a water drinker and pretty sure I’ve been dehydrated my entire adult life. But every time I try to start I just end up having to pee constantly and feeling crazy bloated which is the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve?! Help!

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I've found water helps me. It's great for my skin plus if you're drinking water (or I guess anything calorie free) it keeps you feeling more full. I've never been a diet pop person and without sounding too crazy I don't think I'd want to drink those chemicals all day long. I usually drink around 60 oz a day, more if I can. The constant peeing will go away once your body gets used to it.


I personally realized I get very sluggish if I don’t have enough water in me. I also learned that I possibly drink more than the average person to feel my best! But my point with feeling sluggish is I then am just less active over all!


09/18/2019 5:12AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
The last five days have been super stressful, but measuring and tracking my food has become so ingrained, I was able to do that despite all the work demands. I’ve also kept up on my exercise which has helped me sleep despite the stress.

Tap class tonight!

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Michele S.

Way to go! My sleep is horrible- maybe I need to finally start adding regular exercise. Speaking of adding, I added you as a friend because #1 I like your posts and #2 You picked pupusas as your favorite sinful food! That’s my kind of person!!!!

Michele S.

09/17/2019 1:48AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
I'm a little over a pound away from my "official" round two goal and three pounds away from my personal round two goal. I'm trying to lose 7% by the end of round two instead of the 6% minimum to win. I need to lose a total of 18% of my initial body weight to get my BMI into the top of the "normal" range. I dream of seeing that statistic! That's why I'm pushing myself to lose 3 to 3.5% each round. I want to feel really "transformed" by the end of this bet! Anybody else adjusting their goals? What are some things you are doing to keep moving forward?

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Melissa O.

I am doing the same. Hoping for the full transformation!! My current goal weight is about 14% below my starting, so I am sticking with the 3% for these rounds but planning on going for 2% for the next four.


My unofficial goal is to be at least a pound into the next round at the end of each one. That buffer means I don’t have to stress out at weigh-in time. If I can manage to be two pounds under goal by the holidays, then I could also afford to eat at maintenance on feast days.

So far I’mon track to be below for this round, but who knows what kind of hormonally based water retention I’m in for in the near future. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


09/15/2019 5:07AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
As much as I am aware of how normal weight fluctuations are, they can really be annoying. I hit a new low yesterday, but I had to eat at maintenance because I was doing hard physical labor on a super hot day in the wilderness, and calorie restriction is NOT appropriate in such conditions. Of course eating more meant I retained some extra water, so the scale has me a pound above yesterday’s totally encouraging weight.
I know it isn’t fat; I didn’t eat a surplus. I’m still on track; I’m still way better off than when I started, but that number yesterday was a big deal to me. It was the weight I reached in my early 30s after I got married that first made my clothes snug. I swore then I’d never let my weight get that high again, and until my recent health-related gains, I was pretty successful. If I hit that weight (as I did every few years, usually in winter around all the food-focused family gatherings), I cut back. Hitting that weight yesterday meant I was back in the realm of what is normal and manageable for me.
I know I’ll hit it again, if not tomorrow, then sometime this week, and then I’ll pass it by. I still have this twinge of disappointment, though.

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Michele S.

I can relate. Even knowing it’s not fat gain, just water, still brings a tinge of disappointment until it goes back down. Luckily it usually only takes a few days.


09/15/2019 2:49AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
  • Next weekend I have a 50th anniversary black and gold masquerade ball to attend. I will also be on stage giving a speech. Even though I’ve lost 190+ pounds, I’m still not at my goal and finding clothes that fit right can be challenging. I’ve narrowed my options down to these two dresses. I feel more comfortable in the black one but think the gold one might be more stunning on stage. I am torn and would appreciate your honest feedback because I am way outside my comfort zone here.

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Erin B.

The gold one is really flattering! You should be so proud of yourself!!

Mary S.

Both look great!
The gold one is stunning on you though... maybe hem a little so you don’t have to wear heels.


09/12/2019 8:58PM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
It’s been an active week: I’ve done ballet, tap, and a hill hike. This weekend I’m volunteering to do trail maintenance at a local National Park for about six hours. I did take Monday and Tuesday as rest days, but I’m going to say I’ve made up for that. 😊

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Leigh G.

That’s such a great variety of activities! And way to help our parks while you burn some cals! :thumbsup:

Krystle S.

09/12/2019 10:54AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
  • I've been a slacker in the group, got really down on myself and lost all motivation for over a week now. Did my 21 day fix video yesterday and almost died and woke up super sore and set out to do my video again and couldn't get it to work. I was so frustrated and almost quit, but I looked over and saw my dog looking at me like, "aren't we going to workout?!?!" so got my running shoes on and went for a jog. Ok I'm done with my (feel sorry me) post and I'm feeling good about starting back up.

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Heather C.

Dogs are amazing! Good for you on your workouts.


Dogs always know what we need. :heart_eyes:


09/11/2019 4:41PM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
I was able to squeeze some Phish Food into my calorie allotment for the day! 😋

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Leigh G.

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