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After battling 5 years with a slipped disc (which causes an active person depression and many days in tears) I’ve turned to a plant based diet for losing the enormous amount of weight I’ve gained as working out is another slipped disc disaster.

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Favorite Health Food: smoothie/Buddha bowl

Favorite Sinful Food: Date brownie peanut butter slice

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: plant based nutrition

DietBet Winnings: $295.94

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about 1 hour ago in Kick it with Kayli
  • S N A C K🌱 One’s allowed something sweet when it’s that time of the month and you’re a cranky bitch😆 The fact that this peanut butter brownie slice is refined sugar free (except a tiny bit in the 75% dark chocolate) but filled with fibre, iron and antioxidants makes it so much sweeter.


about 8 hours ago in Kick it with Kayli
  • B R E A K F A S T❤🌱 Anyone else share my love for smoothie bowls??

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Emily W.



08/16/2019 10:32PM in Kick it with Kayli

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Kayli B.



08/16/2019 10:09PM in Kick it with Kayli
  • L U N C H 🌱 This meal is soooo filling.

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Stephanie G.

What are those muffin looking things? Looks yum!


:joy: Falafel


08/16/2019 3:24PM in Kick it with Kayli
  • Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day. Porridge is however not a favourite of mine but it is filling and incredibly nutritious on a cold winter morning. This bowl is filled with protein, iron, antioxidants, omegas, vitamins and fibre....it packs a punch💪🌱

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Heather A.

Looks really good!

Kayli B.

My lunch today made me think of you! A baked tofu sandwich with artichoke bruschetta on rye bread.


08/12/2019 1:33PM in Kick it with Kayli
G’morning DB’ers, I’m excited for another round. I won my last round of DB and this one should be a breeze as I’m now on a count down to summer. Anyone else powered by plants on this DB?? I don’t do the calorie counting thing nor do I restrict myself in what I’m allowed, what I do do is fuel my body with plant based food and the kg’s just seem to melt away. If anyone else is a food lover, real food with lots of colour, please share photos as I love inspiration for meal time. Good luck everyone 🌱

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I’ll look her up, thanks heaps. So happy to hear you’re loving plant based food, my last DB was with a bunch of Weight Watches :tired_face:

Kayli B.

That's what's so great about dietbet, everyone brings their own tools and we can take or leave what others share. I know a lot of successful ww, though it's never been my cup of tea. I also count macros which would drive others crazy lol. We are all just a big melting pot :wink:
Millie accepted the challenge.
08/12/2019 1:06PM in Kick it with Kayli
The pot is now $1,470

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Kayli B.

Heck yes!! Welcome to the game!


07/13/2019 3:01PM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
Yesterday I wrote a post that a few of you took offence to. I’m still puzzled as to why. I, personally, believe in Karma so I don’t eat the flesh of tortured souls but I didn’t mention a thing about consuming flesh. Casein, a milk protein, is the most relevant chemical carcinogen ever identified yet I never wrote anything about others consuming cows milk. Eat whatever you want, I’m just trying to highlight the importance of having a full understanding for what you choose to consume.
Being supportive doesn’t only come in the form of a ‘Like’ or ‘well done you’. I’m a open minded person, I love learning new things so when my mum, and later on my friend, got breast cancer I dove straight into cancer prevention research mode that lead me to live a plant based lifestyle. Posting something like ‘educate yourself’, ‘eat the rainbow’, ‘all calories are NOT created equal’ is the MOST supportive gesture I could possibly think of. If you took offence to me comparing posted meals to KFC maybe you should ask yourself why you took offence.
I love food, I don’t deprive myself of anything food related. I make sure most meals cover clean protein, vitamins, omegas, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. I don’t post complaints about my size, my injury that prevents me from exercising, not having motivation or anything else. So thank you to the few that understood it was only a supportive gesture, to the rest...I guess ignorance is bliss.
This is my last post. Good luck to you all.

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HealthyHmongster ..

If you’ve never done WW, Keto, Low Carb, insert whatever diet, just don’t have an opinion about it. No two diets are the same nor does it happen like textbook. So just b/c you read a paper on it doesn’t make you the expert on it. Assume that everyone knows the pros and cons to their diet and we all accept it. We don’t need you to come in and educate us about our specific diet.

Your voice representing vegans is more powerful when you focus on the benefits of your diet. Writing a whole paragraph about the negatives of someone else’s diet takes away your opportunity to shine the spotlight on your own diet. Tell us why it’s so amazing. Inspire me with the benefits of your lifestyle. Pretend that no one will read the articles you’re siting so just tell us the things we should know about being vegan.

You SHOULD share your struggles with us. It’s not complaining or a bad thing. It makes you human. No ones weight loss journey is perfect. If anyone told you theirs were, they are a liar! There are almost 2800 people here in this group. Tap into this abundance of real life experience to help you through whatever stage you are at at this moment.

Losing weight is hard. DB helps to make it fun and supportive so we don’t have to do it alone. I don’t want you to do it alone so continue posting. If you still want to stay on your high horse, that is fine too. Just know that even if you found a vegan group in DB, there will be a diversity of diets represented and those players will respond the same way we are here. Listen to all the responses, learn from it, and play nice.

Kelly A.

I do appreciate the content you’ve posted regarding your own personally diet. So like others have said, please continue to share, but without commenting on others diets. I’ve enjoyed pics you have posted of your food(looks amazing) and some of the books you have mentioned are books I have had in my library for some time. I don’t have the China Study, but that is now a book I’m interested in reading! Please share more about your diet and what’s working for you and recommendations on things like books, snacks, treats, favourite cookbooks,ect. would be appreciated :smile: We are all here for the same reason and thats to make positive changes in our lives no matter what that may be.


07/13/2019 6:23AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
  • Every time I join a bet I’m surprised at how many people ‘cheat’ their way to losing weight. If you want to see change you must change your habits and that doesn’t happen overnight because you join a game. I see a lot of WW members posting photos of their food and it’s concerning how little nutrition it actually contains. How many of you have recently had your blood tested for iron levels?? A plate of pasta, cheese (or some sort of white sauce), chicken and a bit of green is not a nutritious meal. Your plate should be the colour of the rainbow not look like a meal from KFC. A point system for food intake is not working if you choose a smaller portion (cheat meals) of the food that made you overweight to begin with. Make informed choices, do your research, watch ‘What the Health’ on Netflix and read books like ’UnDo It’ or ‘How not to Die’. Knowledge is power so if you want change, step out of your comfort zone and educate yourself.

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Nancy K.

I have a lot of experience in dieting since I’m 54 years old and eating the way you described is good yes, but not realistic in my opinion. Turning the food you love into healthier versions is what works best. It’s a lifestyle change. Don’t get me wrong, I love salad and I eat one everyday at work, but if I want to eat a whole bag of Birdseye veggie pasta for dinner I do!


Ah, this bummed me out a bit. I love how supportive and helpful this group has been and there hasn't been judging and shaming. I don't like people feeling bullied or bad. We're all trying and putting ourselves out there. Also, as others have said, no plan works for everyone. A lot of folks on here love WW, but that didn't work for me. Oh well! It doesn't mean I hate WW now. Yes, it's important to be healthy and take care of yourself, but that means something different to everyone. A lot of people think fruit is unhealthy. I'll NEVER give up fruit! NEVER! I used to be a full vegan - for 12 years. I had anemia, was way underweight, always sick and got a gallbladder infection. And I was careful -beans, legumes, fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy protein replacements. I gradually put back fish and chicken at the request of my doctor although, unfortunately, I got addicted to sugar in the meantime and gained too much weight. At the end of the day, life is short. We need to also enjoy the foods we're eating, otherwise, no diet is sustainable.

Rianna T.

07/12/2019 7:07PM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
Man I’m craving sweets. Anyone have any healthy alternatives?

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I like fruit a lot, so I do that. They also say it's actually healthy to have a little bit of dark chocolate every day. I've also heard two things lately (but haven't tried it myself). Chewing gum that is sweet can curb cravings, and comes in so many flavors, you can pick what you want. Also, just smelling the scent can curb the cravings (but it takes 5 minutes of smelling to work) so get a cookie candle & hope for the best!! I also strongly feel like if you REALLY want something, eat what your want. Just eat one portion. If you can't control past one portion, buy it, but then give the rest away or throw out. I know people don't want to throw away a $4 package of cookies, but we paid $35 for this bet - what amount is better to lose?


Super dark chocolate bars, and SAVOR them. If the 90% is too bitter, enjoy the highest % you can and work yourself up in % as you acclimate to the taste. Damn. That reminds me, I'm all out of chocolate :(
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