Jennifer B.

Of course, to look better and feel better about myself, but also to get healthy, to not end up with Diabetes and to keep up with my kids!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: I love Salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Cake.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Jillian Michaels DVDs

My Approach to Weight Loss: Serious. I have lost 50lbs.

My Weight Loss Program: Atkins Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps:

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $96.80

Recent Photos

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
Unofficial Weigh-InVerified Weigh-InDietBet Runner-UpDietBet WinnerRound WinnerRound Runner-Up
-2.4% Since last weigh-in-4.8 lbs
-2.4% 1-Month Change-4.8 lbs
-15.6% Lifetime Change-36.4 lbs

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What a Ride!
by - 11/03/2014 9:24AM

So... I did it!   the scale read 189.6 today.    Needed to be atleast 191.6 to win.     I've lost 10... Read More ›

So Atkins isn't as hard as I thought.
by - 10/30/2014 1:22PM

I'm on day 4 of eating Low carbs.   Yesterday I did have a apple, (didn't look to see if it was on t... Read More ›

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50 Pound Monkey

Lite products are bad! Fat is okay, especially on adkins. You might enjoy this article. I found it very informative... it's not the fat making us sick and fat, it's the stuff that's in those lite products - simple carbs.
Day 1 Atkins down!
by - 10/27/2014 6:27PM

well, it's 6pm, but I'm calling it.     Today I think I've eaten my weight in salad.     It was supe... Read More ›

Last week and probably the hardest one yet!
by - 10/26/2014 7:38PM

Alright guys,   THe finish line is apon us! I however have decided to bounce back and forth between ... Read More ›

Things are turning around!
by - 10/21/2014 6:48PM

Alright,     I still hate Challenges, but I've been drinking water like crazy.. Forcing myself to ch... Read More ›

This is hard!
by - 10/17/2014 9:33AM

I HATE challeneges, I knew if I was going to have a deadline to loose X amount of weight I was proba... Read More ›

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Pennie Sherie

Hi Jennifer I can DEFINITELY relate - - I'm the same way with challenges and tests lol - - I agree with Courtney about "not dieting" - when I was killing myself to follow a specific food plan...I ended up binging and not loosing anything....Now I am trying to concentrate on eating throughout the day (which is something I definitely struggle with) and trying to get some movement in. You will be able to do it...Try to not think of the "challenge" part :)


Hi Jennifer! I can relate - I've been trying to lose my extra weight on and off for the past ten years. This time, for a lot of reasons, it's different -- and I'll let you in on what helped to stay on track. TODAY. Don't think about tomorrow or next week, think about today, this hour, this minute. Try to live in the moment each day, and tell yourself that right now, you want to be healthy. Maybe tomorrow I won't be...but right now, I'm going to be. It takes the weight of the challenge off (and some of the actual weight, also!!). There is so much power in living for today! You CAN do it!! Good luck!