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Chelsea O.

07/30/2020 6:48AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
Weigh in approved 💪. Who’s finishing strong?!

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Amanda H.

Congrats me too! :muscle:


Woohoo! Fastest verification yet :)


07/24/2020 2:10PM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
Well, I think I proved the saying “what goes up must come down” wrong.

JeweLz ChristiNe , Jes , EmmieLous , Amanda H. and Elizabeth like this comment.


:joy: hey there's still time! Think longterm success...

Elizabeth D.

06/30/2020 10:26AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
How long did you guys have to wait to be verified? I’m working on four hours at this point and I’m ready to eat!

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8 hours so far for me... Driving me nuts


Finally accepted 9 hours total time, longest ive had yet.

Elizabeth D.

06/19/2020 7:36AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
So discouraged. Making better food choices, getting outside and moving with my kids, even breastfeeding my new baby and the number on the scale just will not go down. :(

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Tracy U.

Hang in there! You’re body’s been through a lot. With everything you’re doing I’m sure your getting healthier. It’s frustrating to not see it on the scale I know.

Anna B.

You’ve got this! I look at it like reading a 1000 page book, somewhere in the middle it doesn’t look like you’re making progress but eventually you’ll see it show up as the pages (and pounds) continue to flip. :blush:


05/03/2020 7:37AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
I’m trying to figure out this 80% full thing, any tips?

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THAT is a great tip! Thanks, I’m going to give it a try


I'm the same way, can't stop eating til I'm full or overfull... I do 16:8 IF, not too strict, but having a shorter eating window makes it okay for me to eat til full, and somehow seems to balance out my hunger hormones over time. If the 80% thing doesn't work for you, maybe give intermittent fasting a try!

Sidney C.

04/19/2020 8:47AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
Is getting the membership worth it? How likely is it to win these prizes? The first two items they were giving away, I didn't really care for, but I would love to test my luck with the $400.00 gift card

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Sidney C.

We don't split the whole pot now? I was really confused by that. So how much of the pot do we split?

Taylor M.

We do all split the pot evenly (members and non-members) after dietbet takes their share! Maybe in the members only games there is no dietbet share? But anyways members don't get more than non members in this game in terms of winnings :blush:


04/19/2020 6:48AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
How is everyone doing?? What workouts are you doing at home?

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LaVonn B.

I've been doing youtube cardio exercises. Mostly tae bo.


I have a beachbody membership
I’ve been doing T25 program


04/12/2020 3:35AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
  • Eggs, my go-to protein, have been cleared out of the stores for weeks, but there's still lots of variety on the plate! Tinned sardines, pickled garlic, 2 mini tomatoes/avocado/fresh mozzarella w balsamic/s&p, and a tiny sour green apple on the side. Hot green tea to wash all the nutrients down. My goal is to get healthy fats and some veg/fruit with every single meal, plus some kind of workout every day. And then I can have some Easter chocolate for dessert :)

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