Injuries and physical limitations cramp my style!

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01/01/2018 11:25AM
Hey, all!
I'm Carissa, 34, I have Anklosing Spondylitis (an autoimmune disorder that comes with pain and fatigue), and I am pretty exhausted most of the time. However, I know I can change my food intake (the hardest part for me) and I need to either walk the dog/stretch/hulahoop/something every day.
So, here I am.

Natalia B.

09/14/2017 3:35PM
Hello Everyone!! I look forward to interacting with you all and was excited to see that there was a group for people with diFabilities. :) I just heard about DB a couple of days ago and liked the idea so much that I started my own Shake It Till You Make It challenge because I'm an organizer at heart. :) Sending everyone positive vibes that we'll all meet our health goals in all of the challenges we take!


09/03/2017 9:41AM
I'm new to dietbet and new to this group. I'm disabled and I have chronic pain. I can't really walk; I use crutches if I am walking more than a few steps. I work out in my local pool when I can, swimming or aqua-jogging, but cold water causes me a lot of pain and they don't heat their pool enough. I've recently started the keto diet to treat my disability and it seems to be causing me to lose weight!


04/24/2017 1:58PM
Does anyone still belong to this group? I see all of the blogs are old.

I had two knee surgeries within the last three years and walk around with chronic pain anywhere between 2-7 depending on the day.

I definitely need to get knee replacements, but have been putting them off, hoping to strengthen my knees, loose 10-15 lbs and hopefully be in a position where i can once again squat without excruciating pain. My daily step limit is 5,000-7,500; there have been recent days where I have exceeded 10,000 approaching 20,000... It is painful and I walk at a snail's pace. My main source of exercise is golf, albeit riding vs walking. The other day I painfully walked 18 holes and barely made it.

I love to eat and drink! I started wearing and using using the Fitbit regularly, tracking my steps and calories.

I need a better way to burn calories; what do you all do with physical limitations?

Getting old sucks!


For low impact, less-pain? Cycling. It's easier on the bones. Even a stationary bike and a book is helpful, I've found.


01/25/2015 10:59AM
Started swimming...I missed it, swam a lap and walked a lap...

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01/02/2015 10:16AM
Hi! My name is Katie I was very active as well until I had a fusion surgery which caused nerve damage to my legs. But I need to get back on the horse and see what I can do


11/03/2014 4:21PM
Anyone here have fibromyalgia? Between the pain and exhaustion, it's hard to get moving. I know I feel better when I move (I really enjoyed the pool when I went), but sometimes the 2-3 hour post-workout naps just don't fit into my day.

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Katie B.

10/13/2014 2:08PM
I just did 25 minutes on a recumbent bike on level 1, which was probably more than I should have done 5 days after knee surgery. It's a hard balance because I know this is a lot for my knee, but normally I wouldn't even count this as exercise. It is so strange trying to readjust my expectations for where I am.

What have you done today?

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I do use trainerroad, and I also have a couple of sufferfest videos. I know that a lot of people watch movies or tv, but if I do that I zone out and mess up my workout. I do like the challenge of controlling my power, that seems to keep me focused - having said that, right now the power required is not hard at all. We'll see what happens as it ramps up.

Right, going for a walk to see if I can't stop this terrible burning pain.

Katie B.

I also have too much of a relationship with Coach Troy... *sigh*
The rotation is the problem, though on the trainer I can get around that by just leaving my shoe on the pedal. I will probably give it another try once my incisions heal a bit more. I had been making do with a little commuter hybrid for taking on bike paths away from cars.

I agree with you: broken bones are way less complicated than anything soft tissue or joint related! Backs are so complex and involve your whole body... that's rough!!!!

Good for you for getting out for a walk. It's still great exercise! Can you water run or elliptical to reduce the pain from impact?

Keep up the good work!

Katie B.

10/09/2014 7:16PM
Some things that I have found helpful:
- swimming with a pull buoy (as the concussion allowed)
- light cycling on flat terrain
- using hiking poles for walking
- lots of veggies
- myFitnessPal to adjust daily calorie intake for exercise (or lack of)
- getting fun pads on my crutches... makes them more comfortable and who doesn't smile at pink zebra print?

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Katie B.

10/09/2014 7:10PM
  • Me and my crutches have spent some good quality time together this year.

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