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Rosilyn M.

05/11/2020 8:32AM
Hello everyone, I started WW about 3 months ago and have had little success. With the meeting being closed until the end of the month I Don't having anything holding me accountable. There are many foods that are zero that tend to have the adverse effect on my weight loss. I an open to suggestion on how to be successful.

Ayokomi A.

04/12/2020 5:48PM
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Wendy C.

05/05/2018 9:56AM
I am Weight Watchers lifetime not at goal. I weigh in once a month at WW. I follow points plus and am in 4 week diet bet from a point plus fb group. I have lost 39 lbs. Total since rejoining WW 29. Hoping to be in Onederland before my big 50. I was close 202 but at 207.8 now. I love points plus.

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Ive been on WW for 6 months but was also on it years ago. I am very confused by the points system. I feel like whenever I use my extra 35 weeklys I never lose the weight that week. What is the points plus?


02/11/2018 9:42AM
Hi there, just joined weight watchers and diet bet a week ago. WW seems like a really reasonable eating program to follow and diet bet will help keep me motivated. Looking forward to start getting healthy!!

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I have been following WW for a long time. It definitely works if you work for it. I just finished 2 dietbets and they really helped me stay on track! You can do this!

Leslee T.

02/01/2018 7:00AM
I joined Weight Watchers in the first week of January. I followed the Points Plus program years ago and lost about 40 lbs. I'm currently participating in my very first DietBet to help keep the motivation going.

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Wendy C.

Hi I still follow points plus. It works for me. I find Smartpoints to be like a deprivation diet and freestyle reminded me of Atkins. I like I can eat variety and GHG Good Health Guidelines keep me on track with water intake, fruits, vegetable, milk, vitamin and healthy oils. I never understood why WW removed all the pics of GHG in meetings. Much success on WW and diet bet!

Margaret P.

me too!

Raisa B.

11/13/2017 11:10AM
I don't understand most of the bets available. I started WW in late May, I have lost 30 lbs and have about 13 to go. Most of the bests give you a limit to lose. I don't understand this. Everyone knows that weight losses fluctuate. You can go 2 weeks without losing and then in the 3rd and 4th lose 6 or 7 lbs! According to most of the rules as I understand them, this would disqualify me for losing over 4% in most games! Can anyone explain this to me!


10/23/2017 11:01AM
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05/29/2017 1:59PM
Hi all! Just found this group. I joined WW on April 26th of this year and I love it! Then I found DietBet and StepBet and figured they both could help with additional support and motivation. I am currently in a kickstarter, a transformer and a step bet. I need all the help I can get! I have over 100 lbs to lose. Lost 5% of my starting weight in the first month of WW!!! I know the rate of loss is going to slow soon or eventually and that is when it will be tougher to keep on going.
Right now I feel like all I do do is eat! I can't believe how much I can eat and still lose weight. Guess I better not get too used to that!

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Welcome! Remember slow and steady wins the race. You got this!


I have 40 pounds to go and I still eat a lot! Don't fret about your points going down because it happens slowly and your body will get used to it.

Stephanie H.

03/08/2017 10:40AM
I started DietBet last week and found this WW group a day or two later! I'm hoping this helps me stay on track with WW and get to the short term and long term goals I've set for myself and maintain them. Will gladly take any suggestions, tips, etc. along the way. I started WW in early October, but with the holidays had about a 6 lb set back and have been working to get back on track since. Stumbled on DietBet and sounded like a nice added push! I finally got back down to the 11 lbs I'd lost since starting, now working on breaking the 200 lb mark (had only 0.2 lbs to go, but went on a long weekend vacation and gained about 3 lbs).

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How are you doing?

Stephanie H.

I'm down, but was about 2 lbs short from reaching my round 1 goal. I've been doing good and going down. I'm under 200 which was a big goal! Now onto round 2... need to lose 7.6 lbs! I'm positive I can do it!

Rose C.

02/21/2017 5:56PM
HI! I started WW the week of Halloween a and have lost 18 pounds. I found Dietbets at the beginning of the year and feel like the two work hand in hand, so I joined a Transformer bet. Just to share something I found cool.... http://smart-baking.com/smartcakes/ . The cakes and hamburger buns are just 1 point a serving. One of the local food stores where I live has them, but you can order them directly from the company. The are soooo good. And good for you, vegan and non-gmo. I like to heat a cake up for 15 seconds and put lite cool whip on it. 2 point dessert.

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Stephanie H.

Thanks for the info on smartcakes... They don't sell them in the Dallas area, so I just ordered their sample pack to try!