Moms with Kids with Special Needs Getting Fit

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Shay B.

07/22/2015 8:13AM
My son will be 3 in October. He was diagnosed with ASD at 26 months. He still doesn't speak. He's extremely active. And he barely sleeps. 6 hours is a good night for him. I also have a 9 month old who's still up 3-5 times at night. So I get very little sleep. Which makes it hard for me to find the energy to do anything. I try to include my baby girl in my fitness. On days when daddy's home or my son is in daycare, baby and I do yoga together or go for a walk to the park. But it's almost impossible to make healthy choices when I'm alone all day with both kids.

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yep. =/ I think the trouble sleeping is common,unfortunately for us moms. how cool that you're here though!