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02/03/2020 10:46AM
Hello everyone!

Let's get some chatting happening. Unfortunately you have to log into a computer or use the desktop site on your phone to access this group. But let's make it worth it!

What kind of vegan diet are you following to lose weight? Did you come to veganism to lose weight? Did you lose? Did you gain?

I went vegan on Nov. 1 2015... straight from being a hunter, having a cattle farm and a pretty die hard meatty low carber. It was seeing the WHO coming out with the report that certain meat is carcinogenic that got me interested. Thought I'd try it for a month, but I like to research... so I started to learn the animal reason to go vegan, and OMG, there was no going back after that.

Going vegan I decided to just enjoy foods, and boy did I enjoy them! My weight skyrocketed to about 230lbs. I've switched to a more whole foods plant based (with a healthly dose of junk to keep me sane) and I cycle vegan keto every now and then. Slow and steady I have lost about 65lbs being mindful of the food I put in my mouth.

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I just found this feature, I wish it was on the app too, I never use the non app. What DB are you joining next? I’m keen to have another PB person in my group


I joined the KingFattyCakes Shame Game... OMG the group is so funny! Like I seriously don't care if I don't win. It's a $10 game but it's seriously worth it just to be a part of such fun people.