10,000 steps. It's time to do this

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Judy M.

09/30/2019 7:14PM
Hi I'm new here. Would some of you mind sharing what fitness tracker watch you use. I have had several and none seem to last long. I had a fitbit, but it has completely stopped working. In the past I have had a Garmin which didn't last long either. I would appreciate any recommendations.

Jose B

06/16/2017 9:21PM
I've been averaging 19,000 steps a day, but just got meniscus surgery today. So I'm looking to rehab so I can at least get back to 10,000 steps.

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Miss Construed

06/13/2016 2:48PM
06/06/16: 7377
06/07/16: 7168
06/08/16: 9091
06/09/16: 8134
06/10/16: 6391
06/11/16: 1732
06/12/16: 2579
Daily Average: 6067
Not too bad since I was shooting for a daily average of 6000. I need to figure out a way to get more steps in on the weekends. After traveling all week I just want to chill. I also don't wear my Withings when I'm mowing the lawn and such, so There are steps that don't get recorded.

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Miss Construed

06/09/2016 7:37AM
Hi All, I just joined. I started WeightWatchers on March 6, 2016, at 204 lbs. I could only walk 2000 steps a day and it was a challenge. I just completed my second DietBet. I've lost 20 lbs., 4 pant sizes, and am up to 6000 steps a day and it feels good. Hoping this will motivate me to keep moving forward.

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Melissa N.

05/28/2016 7:03AM
Hi. Thanks for having this group. I make 10000 Most days. Weekends are hardest for me. Love challenges

Carolyn K.

05/17/2016 4:49AM
TOTAL STEPS this week: 74,256
DAILY AVERAGE: 10,608 steps
TOTAL DISTANCE: 30.57 miles
Feeling focused👀

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Cherry Bomb

05/16/2016 10:59PM
I'm over 13,000 today! Feeling so healthy.

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Carolyn K.

05/14/2016 6:50AM
5/12:. 11,451 steps
Friday the 13th: 10,201 (the last half mile was sleep-walking 💤💤

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Carolyn K.

05/12/2016 5:14PM
Hi. I'm Carolyn.Joined Diet Bet on May 9. Have kept up with 10,000 steps per day since I began. I'm hoping that Joining this group will keep me on task.

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Cherry Bomb

05/03/2016 7:01PM
Getting a fitbit for Mother's Day. Looking forward to using it to up my fitness.

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