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Katie S.

10/02/2019 10:48AM
Do people actually use this group??? I have another Keto question!!

What are y'alls thoughts on exogenous ketones? Do you use them? What types? Do they make a difference in fat burning/weight loss? Obviously they're expensive, but a lot of ppl seem to swear by them. I could maybe see them being useful when you're in ketosis already but eat a little too many carbs by accident but don't want to get kicked out of ketosis. Always appreciate opinions on products when the person is not trying to sell them to me, lol.

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Katie S.

Thanks for your input. What you said makes sense to me. I think they could be more useful for energy than anything. But a good ole cup of coffee and some mineral supplements can do that a lot cheaper haha.

Erin V

Adding extra ketones doesn't support weight loss because your body won't make more of it;s own from your fat! They are mostly used by performance athletes.