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Krista J.

02/04/2016 9:43AM
I found looking at Amy Bang's old posts with the stats helpful, so I thought I would try to post the ones for my games, though I'm not totally sure where she found all her info! She also seemed to have a running/overarching tally of averages for things like % of players who win or drop out, whereas I can't really compare. Anyway, here's what I DO know (for Jan 2016):

Transformer - Jan 1, Round 1 - 3,254 winners each got $12.85. It currently says 4,751 players, but I don't know if that number changes over the 6 months as people drop out? She seemed to know how many dropped out and how many won each round, but I don't see where to find that info (as some will be contributing $25 per month and others only about 20.83 if they paid it all upfront)? The pot for round 2 is $1225 less, so I guess 49 people dropped out (~1.03%, if 4751 is the initial # of players...).

Kickstarter - Get Lean 2016 DietBet: Win a trip to Mexico!! 212 winners each got $48.66 from an initial $35 bet, for a net of 13.66, or
39%!. That's a win rate of 212/371 = 57% of players.

Kickstarter - Get Lean in 2016 with Heidi & Chris Powell. 7099 winners each got $38.07 from an initial $30 bet, for a net of 8.07, or 26.9%. That's a win rate of 7,099/11,806 = 60.1% of players.

Kickstarter - Mama Laughlin's Dietbet. 2105 winners each got 45.51 from an initial $35 bet, for a net of 11.51 or 32.9%. That's a win rate of 2105/3656=57.6% of players.


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