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The first time....
by - 09/04/2014 2:33PM

I actually weigh less than 300 pounds for the first time today in probably 8 years (probably closer ... Read More ›

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Weightloss updates
by - 10/01/2014 7:28AM

Starting weight:  161.8 Current weight:  143.8 Ultimate goal weight: 135   I am so excited this morn... Read More ›

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101.8 Pounds
by - 11/02/2014 6:52AM

My first DietBet4 started on April 12th and I honestly haven't looked back. It hasn't been easy and ... Read More ›

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NSV are just as important! I know, easier said than done.
by - 01/20/2015 2:05PM

NSV (or non-scale victories) are just as important as the numbers on the scale.  I think I maybe wri... Read More ›

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The space between the steering wheel and me.
by - 02/27/2015 5:37AM

Today as I was driving into work I realized I had this big grin on my face as I played with the spac... Read More ›

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by - 04/30/2015 9:16AM

I think I found the exercise I can't do without.  I been working through the c25k program and I am l... Read More ›

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True Love
by - 08/26/2014 5:31PM

Hi everyone! Some of you know that I just celebrated my 20th anniversary. My wife and I thought long... Read More ›

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Success!!!! (what's next?!?)
by - 01/22/2015 8:49AM

I am VERY proud to say that I have met all of my fitness goals that I set for myself when I "found" ... Read More ›

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Keeping Track!!!!!
by - 03/04/2015 7:57AM

I been on this Lifestyle change for 6 months now and one thing I am grateful for is my written logs.... Read More ›

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I'm Yours
by - 11/20/2014 1:53AM

My weight loss journey began a few years back, eight years to be precise. It was the week after Chri... Read More ›

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I've done it a thousand times...
by - 02/03/2016 11:09AM

Per @Bri_getsfit invitation to talk about my journey Mark Twain said "Giving up smoking is the easie... Read More ›

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homeade quest bar recipe
by - 01/20/2015 3:53PM

Here is a homemade quest type bar....the best I have found. Let me know how you like them.  You can ... Read More ›

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Why I love being a game host!
by - 08/17/2014 12:21PM

I discovered DietBets at the beginning of the year and have been playing in games ever since. I also... Read More ›

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November Transformer Performance
by - 12/08/2014 12:18PM Note: to fully view this image, right click on i... Read More ›

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Jan 1 Transformer - Round 2 Results and Stats
by - 03/03/2015 11:34AM

This game had 1108 winners in Round 2, in a pot that 2583 people contributed to. That's a 42.90... Read More ›

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