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Krista J.

03/02/2016 9:46PM
OK, now I'll starting adding the stats I have for Feb 2016 as I get the results:

Transformer - Jan 1, Round 2 - 2,219 winners each got $19.98. It currently says 4,637 players, which is 114 players less than at the start of the last round (~2.4% dropped this round and 46.7% won). And I think I figured out that actually 98 folks dropped out after round 1 (2%) and the initial # of players was 4,849.

Transformer - Feb 2, Round 1 - 726 winners each got $15.47. I don't know the winners at the start, but there are currently 1164 players, and the pot has dropped $437.50, so I assume 35 people dropped out (or that the starting number was 1199 players (~2.9% dropped this round, and 60.6% won).

Kickstarter - Mission Slim-possible with Jen Widerstrom. 2402 winners each got $44.15 from an initial $30 bet, for a net of 14.15 of 47.2%! That's a win rate of 2402/4632 = 51.9%. (A bit lower than the ones last month...I guess NY's resolutions are fading. But I highly recommend Jen's bets as she was very involved and inspiring!)

Kickstarter - The February Main Event. 104 winners each got $176.54 from an initial $150 bet, for a net of 26.54 or 17.7%. That's a win rate of 104/150 = 69.3%. Supposedly higher stakes games typically have a higher percentage of winners, presumably because people are more committed with that much more money. So a lower % profit, but still a higher net gain than my other games. (Also, these main events require video weigh-i

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