So today is officially day 3 since "my" Fit for $50 bet started. I did an hour of pilates and almost an hour of powerwalking. I feel great. Foodwise, I'm doing eating what I eat most of the time anyway: low-carb, high-protein vegetarian diet. I stay around 1,800 calories, sometimes more. The number isn't that important; it's my focus on clean, healthy foods that matter.

I did have a piece of Godiva chocolate. Dark, of course. I always have a daily treat, mostly chocolate. Sometimes, it's a glass of my favorite wine; other times, it's Starbucks (I'm a coffee addicts!). As for alcohol, I've decided to give it up until the bet is over. It's not the extra calories that come from the actual drinking I worry about but the bad choices I make when I've had one too many drinks. Did anyone say pizza?:)