I used to hate low-carb everything. I thought I could NEVER live without bread, pasta or sugar per se. 

But when I actually tried it, I realized I wasn't missing much. And I got much more creative in the kitchen: I found low-carb alternatives that tasted delicious. For example, "pasta" made of mung beans, kelp, soy or black beans is now a staple in my household. The same goes for bread without added sugar or "rice" made out of cauliflower. My absolute favorite dish is now vegetarian lasagna made with squash instead of actual pasta. 

The reason I went low carb in the first place was that I discovered it helped with my nighttime restlessness. I'd lie awake at night and feel very restless or itchy all over. It's hard to explain but if you've ever had restlegs legs, that's how I felt -- all over.

As soon as I eliminated "bad" carbs in the form of pasta, bread, rice and pretty much all flour and sugar products, I was able to finally sleep.

Within a year, I lost 15 lbs. I had also started doing Pilates but that's it. I wasn't even making an effort to lose weight! And yet, it happened because I was making healthier decisions.

That said, I'm not advocating that everyone should be on a low-carb diet. Hell, I'm not advocating any specific diet because whatever works for ME might not work for YOU. You have to find whatever is your cup of tea; the diet that works is the one you stick with. I had the same revelation with Pilates. I hated exercise; thought it was a true pain. I dreaded going to the gym, but I knew it was a necessary evil.

And then one day, I discovered Pilates reformer -- and that changed my life. It suits MY lifestyle, MY needs and my interests. It's kept me coming back for more, and not once have I dreaded going to class.

It's the only exercise I've stuck with for several years. And it's done wonders for my body AND mind. 

Please share if you've had similar experiences! Is there one type of exercise you love doing that's been life-changing for you?

[Lower-carb to me means I consume an average of 100-130 carbs a day, depending on my workouts. And I carb cycle; so one day, I might have 100 g of carbs and then the following day, I might increase my carbs because I worked out a lot.]