Oh man, have I been kicking butt lately... Today I did an 8 a.m. Pilates reformer class, then at 11, I was back for a 90-minute self-defense class. The idea was that I wouldn't have to do my regular 12,000 steps with all that actual working out and instead just relax a little on the steps.

I have pretty much worked out every day for the past 25 days or so. Yeah, it's a GREAT streak but my body is starting to protest. I'm getting exhausted. I'm a little cranky (my SO would say VERY cranky...) and I'm constantly sore. It's time for a day of rest. NOT just "active recovery," but an actual day or two off doing NOTHING. 

I tend to get a little obsessive with my workouts and think, "the more, the better" and "no pain, no gain." So finding balancing is something I'm working on. Tomorrow I have two reformer classes back to back and then Monday and Tuesday, I'm RESTING.

For real.