Maybe it's the 12,000 daily steps I take or the low-carb diet I keep, but man, I'm tired. 

Yesterday was a busy day at work so I didn't have time to go for my lunchtime walk, nor did I have much time to sneak more steps as I was in meetings. Which meant I had to make up for all that inactivity in the evening... when I was already exhausted.

My evening walk was 1.5 hours. It was raining. I was achy. I felt like turning around and going home. I even said to myself, "I deserve a day off!"

Then I thought about how I've been on such a great streak lately with working out and eating within my macros. And I knew I couldn't just say "screw this!" without feeling remorse.

So I sucked it up and powerwalked - and the end result was nearly 12,500 steps for the day. 

Sometimes it's a matter of JUST DOING IT, whether you like it or not. You have to think about the bigger picture. Do I want to reach my goal? Well duh, the answer is yes! So my attitude is: Is whatever I'm doing helping me get closer to that goal or farther away from it? For example, you want that yummy chocolate cheesecake that's a million calories? Will it help or hinder your journey?

That's just my philosophy, what's yours?