I love coffee. And I wish I were the type who could just drink it without anything in it. Straight up black. No creamer, no nothing. But I'm not. The only time I recall doing that was in high school, when I was pulling an all-nighter and decided to drink a whole pot of coffee. 

And I wasn't even a regular coffee drinker. That came almost 20 years later. So, imagine the jitters I had after that binge drinking...

I've been really trying to cut down on my coffee intake. First, I like the frou frou drinks -- macchiatos and hazelnut lattes are my favorite at Starbucks -- that are loaded with sugar. Even when they make the "skinnier" version, it's with sugar-free syrup... which I don't want to consume because of the artificial stuff it contains. Second, I must be out of my ever-loving mind to want to spend my hard-earned cash at Starbucks when I should be saving. And third, I was noticing slight discoloration on the back of my teeth, which the dentist said comes from coffee.

So to save calories, money and my pearly whites, I cut down to one morning coffee. And I decided... NO MORE SUGARY CREAMER. Basically, I'm drinking my coffee with organic half and half... but I do miss the sugary kick to it. And if I go to Starbucks, I order an iced coffee and then add half and half to it myself. 

It's not easy breaking a habit. But it's absolutely possible. I'm just waiting for that day when I say, "why do I need the half and half? I'm just going to drink my coffee straight!"