Whole30 prep, busy person style.


01/07/2015 6:32AM
When I decided to commit to DB I went the "clean" concept. We have done/tried paleo and I am glad that it works for you - I am afraid for multiple reasons grains will always be a part of my life. My husband is a multi time ironman competitor and paleo worked for him during that period of time as well. But, I appreciate your post and thoughtfulness .................... and that ice cube idea is a great one, isn't it? Works for lots of things:)


Oh, yeah... I'm not an ideologue by any stretch... *my* body looks, feels and performs best when *I* eat this way. Diet and exercise are NOT one size fits all.


Hi Cameron! Just discovered Well Fed & am so excited by all of it. Your post was really awesome too, glad I found it. Only a few days into this but am loving the recipe's & organization Well Fed provides besides offering a way to end a life long struggle with my relationship with food. I feel this is the fit I have been searching for because it allows me freedom within boundaries that are reasonable & easy to understand. It is fun to meet someone else of like mind. Best wishes! :-))

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