Go Big or Go Home?

Julie Lama

10/05/2014 10:27AM
Sweet. Nice to not be alone. You struggle is unique but you are not alone. What have you worked up to now with exercise.? I managed 2.3 k on a walk the other day with recovery. I know you were kicking my butt. I got on my bike yesterday. Sure had been missing it. Felt good on it. No pain. Wouldn't want bumpy trail thats for sure, but otherwise felt great. Saw you have been on your bike too in a post. So where are you at there? Sounds like your doing amazing in recovery.

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Katrina B.

I take two steps forward, one step back. At the beginning of this week I was amazed and telling everybody that I wasn't tired, for the first time in 3 1/2 months. Then I helped my friend paint for two hours yesterday, and you would think I hadn't slept in a week. I could barely keep my eyes open at 7 pm and have been exhausted all day today. I have been in a frenzy, trying to catch up financially from being sick, and this week I wasn't as good about exercising. Sigh. Or eating. Double sigh. So sign up for another dietbet, get back on the wagon and keep fighting the fight :)

Biking Syl

Katrina - It sucks but it it is perfectly normal. The way I look at it, a 'regular person' has some kind of buffer. They can handle loosing some sleep, pushing a little harder every once in a while. During recovery, that buffer has to be built up first, so you hit your limits faster (and harder).

About being tired: I probably mentioned it before... For me, it made a world of difference when I started taking iron supplements. The iron levels in my blood were still somewhat OK but ferritin (stored iron) was super low.

And yes, there are studies which explain this phenomenon... but lots of doctors have never bothered to read them (sigh!). Just something to consider, if anyone has the same performance issues.

I am doing much better now that my ferritin numbers are going up. Hope you feel better soon!

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