Hello All!

Well, the first week of March is now in the books. How'd your week go? My goal for the year was to walk/jog/run/skip/etc 10K steps a day. Since my hubby gifted me a Garmin Vivofit for Christmas, this goal has been easy to track. I did well in January with about 15/31 days over the 10K mark. I failed miserably in February and don't even want to comment on the days I was able to make 10K steps.

About 6 weeks ago, I stumbled upon an online miles challenge (www.funknrun.com) - which then lead me to Diet Bet as an additional weight loss challenge. I work a desk job, but am able to walk between 1-2 miles a day at work and home. So, I committed myself to the highest miles challenge offered: 30 day - 90 mile challenge; or roughly 3 miles a day. It is intended to be a challenge, so I picked the most challenging of the distances for my current activity level! Since I wanted to get back into running more regularly and the weather is getting nicer, this "challenge" has been fun and easy!

 Week 1

     Day 1- 5mi; 12160 steps

     Day 2 - 4.14mi; 10016 steps

     Day 3 - 4.28mi; 10224 steps

     Day 4 - 4.99mi; 11320 steps

     Day 5 - 4.42mi; 10140 steps

     Day 6 - 6.79mi; 15442 steps

     Day 7 - 5.25mi; 12004 steps

Week 1 Miles/Steps Goal: 21mi/70K steps

Week 1 Miles/Steps Actual: 34.87mi/81K steps

I am so glad that I signed up for both the miles challenge and the Kickstarter/Transformer Diet Bets. This is a great beginning to the month and a great start to 2015!!

Happy times!