...to me." - March Hare, Alice in Wonderland

First things first. My body feels a lot better. I still have a slight pain in my left shoulder, but apart from that, I'm feeling very good. I have to force myself to stick to my "self-prescribed" sports break.

My weekend was okayish, but not great. I didn't have any cheat meals or so, but I didn't keep track of my calorie count as precisely as I normally do either. When I was hungry, I ate something. I kept drinking a lot of water before and I only ate healthy stuff, but nonetheless, I ate. And on top of that, I am missing the buffer of roughly 3000 burned calories this week due to "no sports". So I am quite nervous what the scale will say tomorrow.

And now the bad news:
I was planning on having the ultimate cheat day (foodwise) on tuesday, May 5th. It's my birthday and I only had two "semi-cheat-days" in two months so far. I did have some unhealthy food those two times, but I only overate by 500-600 kcals. That wasn't the plan for my birthday. XD
For the record, I had ZERO candy for 2 weeks now...ZERO.


So my plan was to weigh-out (Shaun T) early in the morning and then never look back. Hahaha. My next dietbet (Jen W.) ends May 18th, so enough time to make up for it, especially when I can exercise again.

Well...today I found out that the weigh-out period of Shaun T's dietbet starts May 6th 9 a.m. (CEST, Germany). -.-

So, I guess my birthday will feel more like "a very merry unbirthday to me". Because unless I am like 2kg below my goal weight tomorrow (which has a 0% possibility), there is no way I am doing anything stupid on the last day before the weigh-out.