If the Bridesmaid Dress Fits!

Emily M.

05/13/2015 1:51PM
This is an awesome story! I am so happy for you to have shattered your own expectations. I am wearing (i believe) the same dress for my friends wedding in the fall. my dress will come next month, but will not be altered until only a month before her wedding. seeing how amazing you look in yours really inspires me to keep pushing myself :) (i also ordered a size 14)!!


I had mine altered in March. Picked it up in April a couple of weeks ago and it was already too big, but it just didn't look right on me either. The "assets" of the dress were too big (like the chest) to look good on someone who is naturally a small B cup at their skinniest. lol. I was happy to purchase a new dress. It looks amazing compared to the altered dress.

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