As I've been participating in these DietBet challenges, FitBit challenges and just my weight loss journey in general - I've noticed a few patterns. It seems that desire, motivation and just the sheer will to be healthy seems to come and go. One project that I've had on the back burner for a while is the motivational/goal poster.

Today my kids were home from school and it seemed like the perfect time to get this sucker done! I did my poster for my weight loss journey and put focus on my DietBet goals for my current Kickstarter and Transformer challenges. Those are the 'scale goals'. I also added in some 'non-scale goals' - some are fitness based (like bettering my 5k time, fitting into a tight pair of capris, starting a new fitness program, etc) but some are just to remind myself that this is a journey and life is all about everything in moderation. (Hello, "eat cheesecake" on my birthday!!! And "have an alcoholic drink" when I get a night out with my hubby.) I have the ability to add things as I think of them - and remove them as I complete them. (I plan to remove the sticky notes as I complete them and write the date that I achieve the goals on the poster, as a reminder of all that I can accomplish.)

The poster has a place of honour in my basement in front of my treadmill - and I think it is much nicer to look at and much more motivating than staring at pink insulation and vapour barrier! 

(And, in case you are interested, my kids made their own goal posters for the summer - things like "go to the zoo", "read a level 2 book", "see fireworks" and "go camping". We look forward to working on completing their posters over the course of July and August!)

Wishing you all a dose of motivation and willpower to carry on through the trying times of your journey - hang in there, the ups and downs are worth it to get to your end goal!