To show my daughter a good example, by teaching her about health-- not size."

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Favorite Health Food: Raw fruits and veggies, salmon, legumes.

Favorite Sinful Food: Sugar addict. Detoxing from sugar.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: WEIGHTS! And cardio, because I hafta.

My Approach to Weight Loss: Currently: just show up.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lose It!

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $1,127.46

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by - 01/10/2017 1:01PM

Okay okay okay.   I don't waaaaaaaaaaannaaaaaaaaaaaaaa go to the gym.   I'm struggling HARD with the... Read More ›

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Hi, hope you did get the first step done and you packed your pre-, intro-, after workout clothes, made lunches and have been to the gym already!I can share my experience (this is from 4 years ago)...I got gym membership, for 3 months I just paid it and put off the start( money right out of window). Then somehow I ended up in one of the classes there. In the worst possible class I could ever imagine - zumba. I was way overweight, I'm stiff as a plank (still to this day), I dont have any rhythm, my hips dont move - nothing about my body says that I could belong in that class. I started off in the back of the class, moved my legs, never my arms, but I somehow survived and while I was stumping from one leg to an other, I looked around and: no one was interested in me! - everybody was busy doing their thing. After couple of months i was in the first row, I said to my self - no one cares! keep doing this. And I did for couple of years and had a lot of fun (in time) and lost a lot of weight.Now I do this class occasionally and every time I get there - I'm as fresh as I was the frist time (have problem remembering the steps), but I dont care anymore - the first row experts (if there are any - they enjoy their time and do not care about others, the last row newcomers maybe look once, but just to get encouragement that they are not alone having hard time with it). I have been having hard time in every corner of the gym - but you know what - everybody have started from scratch in the gy

Hillary S.

I hear you. Gym is tough sometimes especially this time a year. I don't really go anymore because it kills too much of my workday. Couple years ago I made an investment and bought my favorite elliptical for home. Got it for about $1000 from a business that sells used gym equipment. Since then, I've used it almost every day at home and we've also bought a treadmill and an assult bike for our ever growing home gym. Yes, membership would be cheaper, but I'm putting a pretty steep price on convenience and the fact that I won't fall off the wagon ever again. Best money ever spent. I do like hitting the occasional yoga class though and right now I'm having a lot of anxiety to get started with it after a 6 month hiatus. So I'm putting this out there too - I will go yoga tomorrow.
Accountability who?
by - 01/03/2017 12:44PM

Y'all. I lost my damn mind. I did all the sitting. I ate all the things. I gained back every ounce I... Read More ›

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Welcome back, Tia! You ain't got NO quit in you, no way! Let's kill this!

Hillary S.

Welcome back. Your blog is the best!
by - 01/28/2016 9:42AM

Hi. I'm not dead. I'm also not actually off-wagon, though I've had some moments.   Suffice it to say... Read More ›

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Chioma A.

Omg! Same thing happened to me. Decided this year to take it easy, go slow, no bets, no "dieting",no checking the scales but maintain my normal routine of walking and so far I'm loving it and not feeling stressed at all :D


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Everything about this makes me SO happy. I want to do back flips for you! Welcome back, my girl. I missed you. I'm incredibly proud of you for finding your groove and knowing yourself well enough to know what you need and then do it. And finding the love for cardio -- that's HUGE! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. I love all of this!
Calorie is a calorie. Is a calorie.
by - 08/14/2015 7:03AM

Calorie. I hate diet articles. I hate diet books. I hate Dr. Oz. So I read everything. (An aside: Dr... Read More ›

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Such a great point re: Dr. Oz! I was *just* thinking about that, mostly because he has a "Dr." in front of his name and people trust him. His show is usually on when I'm at the gym and I practice selective listening. Like, I don't think any harm can come from his / his guest's suggestion to tune into what you're feeling when you get a food craving (this has actually been pretty interesting study for me over the past week). Nor do I think that his "5 Amazing Uses for Avocados" are going to do me any damage. But I do find his "YOU MUST DO THIS NEW DIET" bit each week super obnoxious. It really concerns me for the viewers who don't know any better. Also, whoever produces his show most certainly worked in the news business prior - the teasers are SO sensationalistic. Ugh.


Right on, as usual! People who fail at diets fail because they commit to get-thin-quick gimmicks that aren't sustainable in the long term. So, when they inevitably return to the carbs or the meats or the dairy or whatever they categorically cut out to drop weight fast, it piles on PDQ. I mean, there are the rare exceptions who can be paleo until they die, but in reality, the best approach is eat everything, but not the whole plate of it. It's getting to be able to do that that's the tricky part. I'm the same as it sounds like you are! For a while, I nixed the sweets altogether, but really just to detox and because, for a while, I actually didn't want any of them. It was scary reintroducing the "bad" stuff to my diet again because I wasn't sure I would be able to have just a little instead of the whole thing, but I've finally figured it out. Wow, that was a lot of "me" talk! Anyway, point being, I think you're right. I've watched a woman I work with completely eliminate carbs, drop 40 pounds, then carbo-load like a junkie and gain 50, cut again and lost 60, and on and on and on. You'd think she'd get wise at some point, but it hasn't happened yet. Keep eating donuts, but have one for breakfast, as you did, instead of half a dozen, like 2014 me would have. Thanks for sharing your insights!
by - 08/11/2015 12:26PM

I've been listening to a lot of Ben Folds lately. Because every day is a good day for Ben Folds.   Y... Read More ›

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Biking Syl

...and about the calories: Everything below 1200 will slow down your metabolism and hinder weight loss. 1500 already seems low, considering how much you are working out... Good thing you trusted yourself and did not listen to him!


Hoping things improve for you are correct, there are good and bad in every field. Sorry you happened upon the latter and cudos for having sense enough to trust yourself!
DietBet stats
by - 07/24/2015 6:46AM

Hi! First of all, I am alive. I have a lot of life stuff happening, which I'll address in a blog whe... Read More ›

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Wonderful progress - and reminder to folks!

Alice W.

Agreed. It's not about the money. It's about getting healthy and using money as an incentive to get there.
Red-lipped rewards.
by - 06/24/2015 11:14AM

  For a 40 pound weight-loss reward, I purchased a $22 lipstick. I don’t buy ridiculous things for m... Read More ›

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Nice work lady! I need to get my head back in the DietBet game. I was super concentrated on the beta StepBet and was fully focused on that weekly goal. Whew! Glad to report I came through that alright. I stepped more, but gained weight because I lowered my guard when it came to food choices.So I feel like I need a "Congratulations on getting your grove back" gift to myself. I looked up this new lipstick of yours and it had me at the first mention of "vintage". Oh, how I love me some vintage looks!!! True confession: In the last week, I have spent over 3 hours perfecting my victory roll hairstyle, and Rosie-the-Riveter-esque head scarf look.* These lipsticks are totally up my alley. Along with this DietBet screen, my browser is also open to Sephora's website. That shopping cart is holding a couple of Bésame lipsticks (1920 and 1946). I would have loved to try their fragrances (a weakness of mine) but I haven't found them at a Canadian retailer. In non-lipstick related news, I did find an interesting lettuce wrap recipe from The Chew (one of my favourite TV shows). The photo doesn't really do it justice: Just sending it along in case you're looking to change things up without, you know, changing things up too much. ;-)*I've decided that my gift to myself when I get to my goal weight will be a nice vintage style dress inspired by the 1950s. I haven't found the right one yet but I've got plenty of t


Oops, just noticed I ran out of character space...I haven't found the right one yet but I've got plenty of time to pick out the perfect dress that will make me look spectacular!
by - 06/18/2015 11:20AM

  So in an on-going, never-ending cycle of up’s and down’s, I am upping and downing. I have eaten ... Read More ›

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Alice W.

I forgot to mention that Suck it up Buttercup is one of my favorite sayings. Maybe second to, "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it." I have that on my wall in my office. It's where only I can see it, unless I point it out to someone. I use it as a reminder to myself and as something I can look at when it's really what I want to tell someone, but can't.


Sweet Lord, yes. To all of this. This is my life, except for the phrase "big girl panties," which I don't think I've ever used to refer to myself (and maybe not anyone else, either). Strangely, though, it fits. The phrase, not the panties. They most certainly don't fit. Okay, going to stop talking about undergarments now, and start talking about the struggle. OUR struggle, which is real, not so spectacular, and yes. Forever. Wow. You captured it perfectly here. Peace and blessings on your journey, friend.
Baby's First 5K / Roller Derby-- Stay tuned for my ER blog posts!
by - 06/18/2015 10:20AM

I did my first 5K as an adult this past weekend. OK-- so full disclosure, we turned around just befo... Read More ›

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Huge kudos to you, especially for the most difficult things: stepping outside of your comfort zone (if it creates anxiety, I consider it outside the comfort zone) AND doing something good for you. It's super hard to do that with kids, but do it, do it!


Did you get a medal for your Fun Run? I'm a sucker for a participation medal. I value them as much as an Olympic gold medal!And if you ever figure out how to become immune to mosquitoes, we'll arrange to have you move to Canada where you could be our Queen! LOL!!!
Breffas of champions (with really vitamin rich pee).
by - 06/12/2015 9:03AM

I’ve been craving. HARD. All the things. For about 2-3 weeks now. Normally, food is the easier part ... Read More ›

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Damn! You're a walking pharmacy! Given your extensive research, I'd be surprised if it didn't give you results. I look forward to hearing about it. Out of curiosity, though, how low are you setting your calorie limit? Also, it might be worth considering consulting a nutritionist if this persists. Anyway, good luck, girl. You know I've got your back. Rock it! And bravo on not letting the relentless cravings crush your resolve! You're outsmarting the evil calorie demons!


Ah, I can somewhat relate. I'm anemic so I'm constantly EXHAUSTED. I tried to up my iron intake naturally but it was really hard so I starting supplementing. Then I ran out of iron pills... and then kinda forgot to buy them again. So now I'm once again so darn fatigued all. the. time...
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