Still Going Strong


06/19/2015 7:51AM
Great job! I don't do weight watchers, so I only count calories, but I know what you mean about homemade food. I use the Lose It! app to record my recipes (I think My Fitness Pal and Spark People have the option, too), and then I can just add my serving when I make it. I usually prep a big batch and freeze stuff, so I eat the same recipe multiple times. It's a little time-intensive at first, but if you eat a lot of the same dishes over and over it's pretty convenient. Of course, I can eat the same thing all week and not get bored, which I'm told isn't normal, hahaha! I'm also only cooking for two, and my kid rarely eats what I eat anyway (3 year olds are SUCH jerks!), so I get how that might not work for a family situation. Anyway, it sounds like what you're doing is working, so HOORAY! Competition can be fun-- enjoy your healthy, lasting win and your well deserved gloat :)

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