Starting From Ground 0 After 2 Years of Diet Betting, But I Forgive Myself


07/19/2015 1:37PM
Wow... this is the most awesome writing. I could change just a couple small details in it and have written it myself. The main positive I take from it is Diet Bet does work when we really DO it! That inspires me, that we are back and this works for us! The changes back to DB habits don't come overnight... although I have NOT driven thru a fast food since our bet started Fri and I don't intend to. I have gotten out for small hikes the last couple days and this morning. My vacation is going to focus on scenery and God's nature, not food. Thank you Gail.. for being honest and leading the way for myself and others who know DB works for us but wondered away. We are a strong team and the healing has already started. I believe the hard work and discipline of the past is not all for naught. We KNOW how to be successful, have seen it work and have no excuses. By taking the step of joining a DB, being truthful and signing up to encourage each others and being accountable we are already using the lessons learned. It feels so much better walking in the right direction. LEAD ON GAILSY!

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Your writing is so true. I am coming realizing/admitting that my tendency to gain weight IS an addiction. It is how I handle stress. So yes, DB can be our 12 step program and accountability group. A few weeks ago as I was going thru drive thru's getting steak with mushroom burger (prob 800 cals) I truly wondered if I should look for an overeaters anonymous group. We are called together for a reason. For me this is an "on the wagon" or "off the wagon" journey. I am happy to be on again. It feels good. The wagon is more fun with good friends on it with me. THANK YOU GAIL!


You are such an inspiration I did the same thing .The only difference is I keep betting and lose.I am upset with myself but, don't want to give up I fell like I should give up dietbet because they treat you differently and it is embarrassing .well good luck to you.

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