Hi! First of all, I am alive. I have a lot of life stuff happening, which I'll address in a blog when I have more time and energy to devote to it.

For now, though, I have just finished looking over my investment into DietBet and was pretty satisfied by what I saw, so I thought I'd share since I see a lot of questions and complaints about the money aspect of this site.


First of all, I'm not here to make a paycheck. I'm here for the community and support I've found-- which has been an incredible life line.

Second-- I think the fear of losing money outweighs the joy of winning some. But I DO like money. A bunch. And I am very happy to accept my winnings :)


So. In five months, I have out-of-pocket put $500 into DietBet.

I have Bet on 10 games.

Won: 6
Lost: 1
In progress: 3


Total winnings RECEIVED: $489.04

So, I've made back what I spent, pretty much, with more potential winnings to go.
I re-invested $232.59 of my winnings into additional games, instead of getting pay-outs.

I am in two transformers (which I am currently headed toward winning-- gotta stay on track!!)

So the transformers split the pot into sections. There are smaller pots for each "round" -- each month-- and one larger pot for the Betters who make it to the final round (you must qualify by losing a required amount, preestablished on your dashboard).

Thus far, in my transformers, I have accrued $114.68. I still have 5 months worth of rounds (cumulative) and 2 final rounds to go. That's potentially a decent amount of winningses.
And I've gotten some of it paid out and into my actual bank account and spent on things. Sadly bills, but hey, it is what it is.


I've broken even-- and now it's all profit! Plus, I lost 50 pounds and made friends and finally feel like I CAN DO THIS.


Oh, DietBet, you so crazy.