I discovered DietBets at the beginning of the year and have been playing in games ever since. I also started hosting games a few months back and have really enjoyed helping others learn how to play and help people achieve their goals.

It's great that many of the people in my games follow me to future games - I get to see familiar faces and follow them on their weight loss journey! I've also seen some people who took time off from playing and come back a few months later - a few pounds heavier but more determined than ever.

Some of the weight losses I've seen are just amazing - 6, 9, 12 months or more of consistent weight loss of 4% or more per month. Some of these weigh-in photos are stunning - you can't even tell it is the same person 12 months after they started! To have that kind of change in just a year is so inspiring!

As for me, I gained a few pounds this summer but am back at it with focus and determination now, and that is mostly due to the inspiration I receive from the people in these games. Even when I'm done losing weight, I plan to continue to host games so that my new habits never die.

About DownsizingAaron

DownsizingAaron is a DietBet Master Coach and plays in others' games as well as hosts his own.

To date, over 2,300 players in his games have lost a combined 17,000+ pounds and a 68.5% win rate, one of the highest on DietBet! You can find his list of current and upcoming games at: http://www.dietbetter.com/coach/DownsizingAaron