Disturbed by my image in a half marathon photo

Laura C

08/10/2015 11:42AM
Hey Justine, I always thought that my family was being mean because they would take these very unflattering photos. Pool party- you're brave. I love to swim, but I won't go unless I am allowed to wear an oversized t-shirt and shorts. I think that makes me look normal (roll eyes). Thank you and may you be on your way to cool pool party photos.

Justine U.

So funny thing about this pool party - I wasn't in a bathing suit (totally not ready for that) but I actually had to jump in the pool to get my son ... clothes and all. Photos before and after my quick dip - both very unflattering. :)

Laura C

Justine U. I have been to pool parties where I climbed into the water fully dressed. The only problem is the time it takes regular clothes to dry, as compared to bathing suit material. Sorry about the photos. Arghh. People with cameras at pool parties... maybe that needs to be banned. :)

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