Disturbed by my image in a half marathon photo

Tiffany T.

08/13/2015 10:05PM
I've had that moment. I remember thinking "how did no one tell me!?" ...As if someone would actually risk that, when I was so unaware of it. Then I think to when a friend asked me in all seriousness if I thought they had gotten fat. Nice little table turn there. True friends (and I think ourselves as well) tend to see us for who we are, not what we look like. We'll stop & judge ourselves when we see a photo, but generally don't think too much about our outward appearance. Or we tell ourselves it's not that bad in the mirror. Truth is you're probably have a personality overflowing with awesome and are comfortable with who you are that it didn't register. But that's why we are all here, to better ourselves. You were in a marathon!! You are here now--be proud of the effort to better yourself, to get what you want. I understand the need to judge yourself, but we're all here to support one another. Keep up the awesome work!

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Laura C

Thanks Tiffany! I am trying to learn about self acceptance and being reasonable. Now, if only I could convince the scale to be reasonable:)

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