It's been a long and somewhat painful summer, but I have returned and will be working on catching up with my DietBet friends and long lost weight loss goals. It feels good - though I'm a bit afraid to look up my transformer goals...

Since I first signed up with DietBet in April, I have been dealing with back pain. I kept thinking that if I lost weight it would get better. Nope - WRONG! After having lost over 20 lbs, I starting thinking that if I walked more it would get better. Nope - WRONG! In fact, I was participating in some very motivating walking challenges and I was walking a whole lot. It was making everything much, much worse. So I finally dragged my sorry butt to my family doctor. I have been diagnosed with a hypermobile (too loose) sacroiliac joint on the right side of my pelvis and a hypomobile (too tight) sacroiliac joint on the left side. Why have only one problem when you can have two polar opposite problems, right? Yeah, my body is an over-achiever that way. LOL!

In early August, I took my over-mobile and my under-mobile joints to a physiotherapist and hoped I wouldn't be given the finger wag for the length of time I waited to address this issue. That first appoint went well considering the amount of historical information I had to provide about my back pain. I've had weekly appointments ever since where I am assigned exercises to do on a daily basis. Since then I've been thinking a lot about how I should do those silly exercises. The problem is that I can't be bothered. [Oh, I can feel the tsk-tsk-ing and the finger wagging from the two people who will actually read this blog post. I know, I know. I'm an idiot.] That's not to say I don't do anything they tell me to do. I have done some of the exercises once in a while because I'm pretty darn sure they can tell when I don't do them. But I refuse to wear that stupid SI belt whenever I'm walking (it's this 2 1/2" wide white velcro belt that I'm supposed to wear over my pants to hold my right hip closer into my body). I don't have any work clothes that drapes long enough to cover that, or that is heavy enough to camouflage the lumps that it creates both above and below the belt. There will not be any SI belt wearing. Deepest apologies to my physiotherapist.

Anyway, before I spend the next dozen paragraphs writing about all the reasons you should disapprove of me, I will mention that in the last couple of weeks I have seen some significant improvements. I can actually move in bed now. Heck, I actually get some sleep now! I won't even complain about not being able to walk my 10k steps a day because I'm sure if I put more effort into those exercises I'd be doing even better. 

Having barely walked these last several weeks, I have managed to gain some weight. I made the mistake of giving up completely by disconnecting from DietBet and eating whatever I wanted. Luckily I've only gained a little less than 10 lbs. On the one hand, I'm pretty lucky because this sliding could have continued for quite some time. On the other hand, I should have slammed on the brakes some time ago. But whatever, I am not going to beat myself up about it.

I'm going to get back into the swing of things and lose more weight before Christmas. I can't currently do much walking (or much else that requires properly functioning hips) so I am going to focus on food for now. And I'm going to ease back into it with implementing a new diet-related rule each week (I hereby reserve the right to amend this approach as required based on the results achieved). 

Rule #1: No more poutine until Christmas. O. M. G. You'd have to know me to understand how devastating it is for me to start with that. If I am honest, however, I really need to put an end to the private little poutine-fest I've been celebrating these last few months. I'm usually pretty good at the whole 'moderation' game, but when it comes to poutine, it's got to be all or nothing. "All" is out of the question, so "nothing" it must be. Sadly.

I'm mulling over a couple of options for Rule #2 which comes into effect on Sunday. I will be posting my rules on my blog to keep myself accountable. The results, aka weight loss achieved, will also be posted to see how much of an impact these changes will have.

So there it is folks... I hope you have all been doing well this summer. I'm sorry I haven't been around to cheer you on but I am back, with a better back, and I've got your backs! Let's go people, let's make those good decisions and make just a little bit of progress every single day!