I've lost my oomph (passion) and I'm trying to get it back. Between losing my father nearly 2 years ago and reinjuring my knee this past May, I have not been totally motivated. My daily life has become ho-hum with no special attention to any part of my day. I used to do everything 100% but now I do it just to get it done. Now that I have realized it, I hate it and it needs to change.

My father and I were not especially close. But 2 years ago during the last weekend of September (which happens to coincide with this weekend) we had a heartfelt conversation and he told me he was proud of me. Three months later he was gone. I realized this was "that" weekend while going costume shopping with my daughter. That weekend with my father we did the same thing, and we went to luch at a restaurant that closed last year. Today, I saw Christmas trees in the store (already) and I thought about how hard the holidays are without him...and the comments he would make about Christmas trees in September! I know he wouldn't want us to be upset about his absence during the holidays. He would want us to enjoy them. He always made a big deal of holidays and birthdays. He'll never know how much I miss him. 

So, here I am trying to get my oopmh back with a mending heart and a busted knee. I pledge to do everything just a little better...and not procrastinate with the little things. Maybe purposely trying to add effort will add value to my day, and in turn restart the cycle of doing things better every day.