I initially hurt my knee 15 years ago when I was 18. I was told in 10 years I would need surgery. But I had lost 100 lbs by 2012 and it helped to push the surgery off. Throughout the years I would have flare ups of pain and have to take it easy for a bit. I reinjured it in May and this has been this worst flare up in years. I had Synvisc injected 3 weeks ago and started a 4th round of physical therapy yesterday. It's been depressing not being able to workout. I was doing a mix of DVDs daily...tae bo, zumba, Jillian, beachbody. I had to quit a transformer and that was a very low point for me. I just joined the Chris and Heidi bet in hopes of getting my motivation back. I don't know if I will hit goal, but that's not really the point for me. I bought the Piyo DVD set and hopefully I can handle the low-impact style. I'm averaging 4,000 steps daily but I was up to 18,000 before May. I guess everything is a process and a learning experience. I will still need surgery if not this year, probably next year. I gained back 40 lbs from medications and I'm back down 15. Even though I'm struggling I am trying to hold my head high.