I decided to casually use these blog posts. I'm weird in the sense that writing is something I've never been consistent with, so this will just be an every now and then thing. I feel like I did really well today as far as food goes, though. I have a food journal that I manually write in, but I like to have things digitally as well. So... Here goes!


-3 hardboiled eggwhites (yolks make me puke, blegh)
-1/2 cup Market Pantry Antioxidant Mixed Berry Blend
-1/2 cucumber

Breakfast totals (high estimate): 170 calories

-1/2 bag of kale, spinach, chard blend
-2 Morning Star spicy black bean burger patties chopped up
-6 asparagus spears
-3 tablespoons horseradish mustard
-2 leftover hardboiled eggwhites

Lunch totals (high estimate): 350 calories

After-Lunch Snack:
-Single serving of carrots
-Single serving hummus cup

After-Lunch Snack totals (high estimate): 200 calories

-Spinach ricotta stuffed tortillini
-Market Pantry traditional tomato sauce
-2 Coconut BonBon's from Trader Joe's

Dinner totals (high estimate): 710 calories

After-Workout Snack:
-1/2 cucumber

After-Workout Snack totals (high estimate): 25 calories


Grand Total: 1,455 calories


Not too bad! I went on a light elliptical run for 56 minutes according to my heartrate monitor (more like 50 since I rested a bit, recovering from a cold, asthma, and donating blood prevented me from pushing myself all the way through like I usually try to do) and according to my heartrate monitor I burned 378 calories. After eating so much the last 3 or 4 days and being off track, today feels so refreshing!