Started the first couple days ok; I'd gained some since my last dietbet, but oh well. Got a Pi Walk (3.14 miles) on Saturday, and a FIVE-mile walk on Sunday! The weather was glorious, sunny and mild, and I felt so great.

Then Sunday night, a phone call about my late brother's house being broken into and a trip there on Monday to deal with that. Nothing taken, probably just kids on a dare, but just one more damn thing reminding me of the mountain of work yet to be done as executor, and I feel like I can't even grieve for him til I get things settled.

And the weather turned as bleak as me, and all I wanted to do was stay inside and read and cry and have a drink. Or two. This morning I thought I was doing better and I went for a two-mile walk that felt good -- until I got home and discovered I hadn't put my Fitbit Zip in my pocket! Sheesh, I am scattered.

My husband sent me a link to a meditation on being kind to yourself - - and is being wonderfully helpful. This will just take time to get through, but I will get through.